Freshers: Expectations vs. Reality

Is freshers’ week really worth all of the hype?

High expectations, huge disappointment.

Every year, Fresher’s week is hyped up to be the biggest and best week of our student lives.

Wild parties, wacky people and some very morally questionable antics are expected from and by everyone. But as we’ve found out, it doesn’t always go as planned.

Here is a list of the typical fresher’s expectations, along with the depressing reality of what actually happens.

1. Fun flatmates who throw great parties.



Flatmates that have the potential to be serial killers.

02. flatmates who look like serial killers

2. Magically looking slim and hot now you’re at Uni.

03.magically looking slim and hot while you're at uni


Becoming a full-time slob with a beer belly

04. becoming  full time slob with a beer belly

 3. Eating like a King

05.eating like a king


Living off rice and beans off rice and beans

 4. Having relationships or one night stands with all the new, fit people.



Having to lower your standards

8.having to lower your standards

 5. Getting smashed and going out every single night flatmates


Hanging so much that you can’t leave your bed for the next 3 days.


 6. Becoming rich as soon as your loan comes in.



 Realisation of being skint for the next three years.


7. Doing fun stuff with your new friends everyday (corridor chair-surfing)

13.doing fun stuff with your flatmates


Living in your onesie because you have nothing to do!

14. living in your onesie because you have nothing to do with your life