A-Z of Lincoln

The essential guide for all you freshers.

A – Accents. Whatever your accent, you will probably find two things at uni. 1. Others will find your accent hilarious. 2. Anytime you find someone with the same accent as you is worthy of celebration.

B – Brayford. There are few greater pleasures than walking along the waterfront on a sunny day.


C – Cubes. ‘Sugarcubes’ or ‘Cubes’ as it’s often known is, while not for everyone, always an entertaining and VERY CHEAP night out in Lincoln.


D – Danesgate. If you don’t live there, feel lucky. If you know people who live there, feel sorry for them. If you live there, you probably know what I’m talking about by now.

E – Exams. Revision seems to become a lot harder when you also seem to be going out two or three times a week. Be extra careful around some people during exam season, it can do crazy things to you.

F – Freshers’ Flu. Any sign of illness early on in the year can be put down to this. Be prepared with Nurofen and a cup of tea.

G – Glory Hole: It doesn’t matter how often you walk past it, it will still be funny.


H – Hill. Without a doubt you’ll end up climbing Steep Hill (clue is in the name). At the top you’ll find the cathedral, castle, and a strange sense of accomplishment for your efforts.


I – Internet. Hours will be wasted on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Netflix, and just about anywhere else on the Internet before you finally start researching that essay you were set 4 weeks ago. Similar to P for Procrastination in Part Two.

J – Jayjay. There is almost a 100% chance that within your first week, you will bump into the infamous ‘Cowboy Hat Man’ during a night out- even more so if you visit Home nightclub.

K – Kebabs. In Lincoln you’ll find yourself with a huge choice of kebab shops. The real test is finding the good ones, of which there are few.

L – L4. Tequila shots for £1 each? Perfect stop-off point on your way into town!


M – MacDonald’s. Perfect for any time you’re too tired to cook, drunk or hungover.

N – Nosey Parker. Perhaps not the most well-known place to eat in Lincoln, but speaking from experience certainly one of the best! Be sure to try out one of the Flaming Challenges if you’re up for a real eating test.

O – Odeon. Be warned that the most associated word with here also begins with O – overpriced.


P – Procrastination. As you may already know, many students are incredibly skilled at putting off tasks as long as is humanly possible. During your time at university, you too will learn this ability- often without even realising you have done so.

Q – Queues. It’s a harsh reality, but nights out will often involve a fair bit of queuing- the worst offender often being Superbull on Fridays.

R – Reading lists. Like it or not, you will have some books to buy. It is what you’re *really* here for!

S – Swans. The adorable mascot of the University of Lincoln. Well, adorable until you see a drunkard trying to have a conversation with one.


T – Trains. You know those days where you’ve missed your alarm, you’re running late and everything seems to be going wrong? If you get that feeling, avoid the train barriers at all costs. It’s as though they can sense your pain.


U – UV Parties. A favourite with many Lincoln students, often involves buying a whole new outfit all from Primark.

V – Vodka Red Bulls. Get used to drinking these- it’s more than likely you’ll be downing them on a Friday night at the legendary Superbull. While the price for one has gone up to £1.20, (crazy, right?!) they will still no doubt be the cause of your Saturday hangovers.

W – Weekends. Saturday is a Lincoln student’s day of rest. It is almost compulsory to stay in your house at all costs, and trips into the town centre should be avoided wherever necessary. The same applies for Saturday nights out- let the locals have their time.

X – Xbox. Bring your games console with you. Hosting a FIFA night can be a good icebreaker with your new housemates or a good night in when you’re not up to going out.

Y – Youtube. Want to become a celebrity on campus? Make a viral video, get a trend going and soon you’ll be recognised all over the place.

Z- Zzzzz. Sleep will become one of your favourite hobbies. Embrace naps and long lie-ins while you can.