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The questions vegetarians are tired of having to answer at uni

Linda McCartney is the best thing to come out of the Beatles


It was at a messy New Year's Eve party where it all began. There I was, a bottle of tequila down, pondering life and struggling to string a sentence together while my friends were hugging and celebrating the New Year. And then it hit me, I have to try and be a vegetarian for a year. Think of the benefits! You get to save the environment, avoid eating animals that have been badly treated and improve my health without having to give up alcohol.

Fast forward nearly two years and several veggie burgers later and I'm still on the veggie train. I know what you are thinking, you must be one of those people on YouTube that are crazy or a PETA supporter who throws paint on people that wear fur or who sits in cages for days on the street protesting. But no, I'm still a fairly normal person. Well, as normal as a third year can possibly be at this stage. Obviously, I'm constantly asked the same questions by others who are either really drunk or cant get their head around not eating meat. Where do you get your protein? But bacon is so nice though how can you stop eating it?

Trust me, I've answered all these questions at least 5 times since I've been a veggie at university and having to explain myself every time is a struggle. So, here are the answers to these all important questions.

How do you get all your protein?

This is the first and most frequently asked question. It's normally asked by the overweight "lad" who has watched one video on the internet on protein and has become a medical doctor overnight. There are so many ways to get protein without eating huge amounts of meat all day. Spinach, quinoa and beans all have more than enough protein to keep you going without transforming into a Gollum like creature. You also can't forget the lord and saviour of vegetarians everywhere, Linda McCartney, who has blessed us non meat eaters with her variety of meat alternatives. Often times, veggie sausages and quorn mince have more protein with less fat than its meat counterpart. So, overweight rugby lad, you do you and I'll be alright.

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The greatest invention since Strongbow dark fruit

But haven't you just lost loads of weight and become too skinny?

This links somewhat to the previous question and can actually be a problem which some people face. People who switch to being a vegetarian often times don't eat enough and can face problems. However, when you ask that question to a six foot two, 14 stone guy I don't think it applies as much. It is true that this was a worry in the beginning, but I think I've coped alright over the past two years. Most of the vegetarians I have spoken to or have seen rarely have this problem. As long as you have a varied diet and eat plenty of vegetables, you wont shrivel up.

Don't you miss meat though?

I think this is more to do with the mindset of vegetarians.If you've seen such classic educational biopics like Chicken Run and Finding Nemo, I just don't see how you can continue to eat meat and fish. Did you not see how scared Nemo was when he went into that net?! But seriously, once you start to see the cute videos of pigs having their stomachs rubbed and lambs doing people things, I just don't see how you can keep eating them. If you get outraged, and rightly so, when you see dogs and cats getting eaten, why does it seem so hard to not eat meat? Also, I've forgotten what any meat tastes like, so when you say "do you miss bacon?", I literally can't remember. Oh and btw, bacon is the most overrated meat. @ me.

Meals must be so boring though?

Not only does cooking without meat save money, but it also means you get to cook way more interesting recipes and use more interesting ingredients than just meat and carbs. Now I'm not saying I'm Gordon Ramsey, but if you put me in a cook off against Jamie Oliver I reckon I could have him. You can just google vegetarian recipes and the amount of amazing and cheap meals that appear will get you motivated to go out to the shops and buy everything in the vegetable section.

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I mean how amazing does that look?!

Yeah, I'm a vegetarian as well!! Do you only eat meat once a week then like me?

You are not a vegetarian. You still eat meat. Don't play yourself.