Mary Gee is the ugly baby you can’t help but love

If you can survive pre-drinks in Mary Gee, you survive anything life throws at you

Look we get it, of all the accommodation, we at Mary Gee are the ugliest. But what you don’t realise is that Oadby’s Lucinda is the ugly stepsister and we are Cinderella, well, something like that.

Fair enough, we aren’t the posh totties of Oadby Village, but I’m sure that if you looked close enough, you’d see that there is something going for us.

We have more money because we pay less on rent

The better side of living in Mary Gee is the ridiculous amount of money we have left over after paying rent. This money can be spent in lots of ways such as on food both before and after you’re wasted, alcohol (the most important beverage of every student’s university life) and new clothes, because what better way is there to fill the 5-minute guilty despair after missing important lectures and seminars than with shopping.

The porters are so great

Another of the greatest pleasures of being a resident of Mary Gee is having amiable porters, who we have dedicated this section to, and the hilarious residential advisers. Though Mary Gee maybe somewhat of a troublesome accommodation with disturbing problems, our porters totally make up for it.

But the cleaners are the real heroes 

Despite our on and off relationship with our beloved porters, we are truly grateful for our cleaners too, who take the time to clean our toilets, which are reminiscent of our alcohol fuelled nights and weak stomachs before moving onto the next house.

If you can survive pre-drinks in Mary Gee, you survive anything life throws at you

The pres at Mary Gee are like no other – think the reaping stage of the Hunger Games: Your house chooses to nominate you as the tribute to drink to your heart’s content, and then some more. If you can survive pre-drinks in Mary Gee, you survive anything university throws at you.

You’ve always got a bed in the FF resting bush if you get locked out

Acknowledging the fact that if you do happen to come across a tree and climb it, we’d highly advise you not to. And if you are the type of person to lock yourself out, just make yourself comfortable in the FF resting bush and I’m sure we’ll find you there the next morning, safe and sound.

Its social life deserves a reward

Mary Gee does not have an infamous social reputation for nothing. Distant memories of the savage group chat, alcohol covered floors, the brilliant chants on the part bus, people climbing trees or falling into the bushes pretty much sums it up. Mary Gee’s social life deserves an award of its own.

Oh, sweet ugly duckling Mary Gee, may you never change!