Leicester is officially in the South, according to study

What is so wrong with just being from the Midlands?

People from the North/South are very proud of their heritage and embrace it. Whereas, us Midlanders tend to just adopt a mixture of Northern and Southern traits, leaving us feeling a little confused about our identity at times.

Leicester is in the heart of the East Midlands, but is it more Northern or more Southern? Finally, it seems, we have our answer.

It’s Southern. Well, it is according to a study carried out by The University of Sheffield. The study devised a line which they believe best represents the North South divide, and Leicester just sits below it.

Channel 4 / Big Talk Productions

Loughborough however is officially in the North, which highlights how close the line is. The study also specifies that the line can even cut through houses.

The study was conducted by Professor Danny Dorling and used factors to determine the divide. The factors include; house prices, physical and historic boundaries and cultural and political differences. He also states that the line is not permanent and is subject to change due to new transport connections.

By being in the South, Leicester has apparently gained an extra year of life expectancy.

As the North South debate goes on, this study has certainly added more fuel to the fire and raises the question, what’s wrong with just being from the Midlands?