Did anyone notice the flags on Leicester’s campus?

Flags with holes in them were spotted across campus

If you hadn’t noticed yesterday campus was taken over by people holding flags with holes in them. Given the current global political climate, you might think that the American flag was against Trump. Well, you’d be wrong.

This scene ain’t about Trump

There were six flags to be exact: The United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, which sounds like the pattern would either indicate a protest against either populism or migration.

Nor is it another exhausted Broken Britain message from last year’s Brexit vote.


Quite fitting to see Italy pop in whilst drinking coffee

You’d be wrong again if you thought populism or migration, because Japan even made its way on to the scene.

Although the people holding the flags gave the impression that there was a secret silence, the artist Massimo Conti was more than happy to speak. He expressed that this is a protest against the current system that the ‘Big Six’ or G6 countries have created.  He portrayed the world to have lost its footing in economics and the way things are run with a system of resourceless finance and debt as a commodity.

I just came into uni to study for my foreign policy essay and write the success that these countries attained. Maybe next time I won’t be so one sided…

University of Leicester