Leicester’s night life, according to online reviews

Kudos to the person who proposed at Shabang

Leicester offers an array of interesting nightlife, with sticky floors, smelly toilets, crowded smoking areas and top notch banter. The city boosts clubs and bars galore, to suit even the fussiest of students. Really, a perfect excuse to blow your loan on cocktails and VIP booths.

From student favourite MOSH, to quirky hangout The Exchange, there’s loads of hidden gems, but what do online reviewers really think of Leicester’s nightlife?


Student favourite, MOSH is one of the best things about Leicester. It is a rite of passage to take the pilgrimage to the legendary club, especially on Tuesdays. So much so that we get a bit freaked out when we encounter a student who has never been to MOSH. It’s also the perfect distance from McDonald’s so the MOSH lot all congregate there to eat fries and nuggets at the end of the night. Sounds perfect really.


Republic had its ten minutes of fame when Tyga visited and for some reason, included the club in his music video for “I $mile, I cry.” Well, at least he actually showed up – unlike Drake. Drake decided that a Birmingham Co-op was a better choice than trekking to Leicester. Can you really blame him?

The Orange Tree 

The Orange Tree has a really chilled out vibe. Also littering the walls is super cool art that you can actually buy. As a student, this may make you want to cry into your fourth mojito about how you wish you were artistic. Hey, at least you can drown your sorrows with a giant pitcher.


Blueprint replaced the much loved Liquid (R.I.P) which was the home of the original Leicester nappy night. Gone but not forgotten. Now, the club seems to only be popular for one reason. Ike. If Blueprint didn’t have Ike, odds are it would be a wasteland. Be nice to Ike and you get free shots, according to the countless reviews. Ike mate, you are a Leicester legend.


Firebug really does offer the best of both worlds. Not only is it a great place to grab a burger and cocktail during the day, but it also is conveniently near MOSH, so becomes the place where most nights out begin. That is, especially for the MOSH lot who don’t really want to brave the Highcross pub. It also plays the same music as MOSH so it gets you right in the mood for bottom floor.

Photo taken by @gabriellearif


“Ah, cute, you’re engaged? Where did your partner propose? London? Paris? Venice? Rome?” “No, he proposed in Shabang at the O2 Academy in Leicester.”


Revs is the perfect excuse to get a little bit dressed up and drink away the sorrows of looming deadlines. It is classier than The Corn Exchange and has the bonus of nice views of New Walk. Basically, it’s the sort of venue that will make you feel like you are super professional. Smile, drink that cocktail and pretend you totally have your shit together.

Photo taken by @hiyayasemin


Mark Wright once did an appearance at Venom. Did you know? Yes, odds are you did. Everyone who went to Venom that night has not stopped talking about how “boss” it was since.

The Exchange 

A hidden gem, The Exchange’s main charm is the fact, it is quite possibly the weirdest shaped building ever. It looks slightly wider than an alleyway. Do not understand how it is so spacious inside. Also, odds are that if you stop off for a drink there, you will spend the entire night sticking your finger in the hot candle-wax.

The Cookie 

One of the few venues in Leicester that offers classic board games to play while you get drunk. What could be better?


Everyone and their Nan has been to a Yates in their life. Odds are, you either loved it or hated it. But whatever you thought, admit it, you had a go on the pole didn’t you?

Photo taken by @20svp

According to all the reviews, it’s fair to say that Leicester’s nightlife is a mixed bag. That being said, most of the bad reviews actually stem from experiences with “neanderthal fascists” aka doormen in Leicester and not with the clubs themselves. So before a night out in Leicester, brace yourself to deal with some difficult doormen.

Also, maybe avoid wearing the Gucci office wear shoes.