Who are the worst estate agents in Leicester?

Vote for who really ruined second year for you

You’ve spent the last two months planning who to live with. You’ve ditched the guy who never flushes the toilet and the girl who has her boyfriend pretty much living in halls with her. With a group sorted you’re finally ready to graduate to a house, but in Leicester it’s just not really that simple.

There’s the deposit to come up with, the awkwardness of picking rooms, the location to sort (please not Evington) and how much to actually pay. Then, you’ve got to actually work out which landlord isn’t going to take you for a ride.

Most landlords can spot an innocent fresher a mile off. They’re obviously going to notice you frantically calling your mum about how boilers actually work as you look round houses. Some won’t take advantage of this, but others definitely will. If you end up with a shit landlord it can basically destroy second year: there’s the standard stories of mould, kitchen ceilings falling down dishwashers exploding every year, but others will take it to the next level.

They can refuse to give you deposits back because of crumbs on the carpet and be utterly useless at everything.

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