Things we’ve legitimately overheard at the University of Leicester

Be careful what you say

The ears of The Tab Leicester have been buzzing with the downright bizarre things you’ve all been saying these past few weeks. From the ridiculously middle class to the definitely stupid, we’ve collected our favourites to make you feel a bit better about yourself. Unless you were the fresher crushing paracetamol however – that’s just madness.

Overheard in the SU:

“I was reading sources between John Adams and his wife and they were having a right Jeremy Kyle episode.”

Overheard in the library

“I just don’t understand Trump. He can’t be real, he has to be trolling.”

“I have nightmares about getting trapped between those moving shelves. It’s a genuine fear.”


Overheard in Bennett:

“I crushed paracetamol and snorted it to try fix my freshers’ flu. I felt so hardcore but I’m not sure it worked.”

Overheard in the Maurice Shock Building:

“This place has gone so downhill since they started letting humanities students in.”

Overheard in the library smoking area

“On sales: it’s like being at uni only you’re paid to drink and chat.”

“I paid £2 for an avocado yesterday. Does that mean I’m middle class now?”


Overheard in the Food Market

“I’m craving a bagel with melted cheese and Nutella.”

“I judge people who don’t get melted cheese on their nachos. It’s like they want to watch the world burn.”

Overheard in Vicky Park

“I love wearing sunglasses. They’re the ultimate I’m above you item.”

Overheard in the Charles Wilson

“Before I graduate I’m going to do a booze tour around campus and visit all the places that sell alcohol. I’m definitely starting with the champagne in here.”

“Does Aldi even sell Hollandaise Sauce?”

This is a question we may never know the answer to.