Leicester’s most Instagrammable coffee spots

The love affair has begun

You’re probably already so far into your overdraft that it’s got to the point where wasting more money on things you don’t need never seems like a bad idea. Procrastinating with filters is always a much better plan than sorting your life out, or finishing that essay that is due in two days.

The best way to combine these timeless student traits is to pretend your reading your books alongside an Americano and slice of cake. Here are our favourite hidden coffee spots in the big LEX. I mean, if you are going to procrastinate, at least do it in style.

Northern Cobbler

In this hipster’s paradise its hard not to Instragram everything you see. If you need any more of a reason to spend your worryingly low student finance funds, look no further. ‘Work’ here for hours on that ‘essay’ and down your brownie milkshake in one. Baller.

What Monday's should be like ☕️

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Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with…

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6 Degrees

6 Degrees combines coffee and cake with supporting your local community. It’s run by the charity Open Hands. The cafe only employees volunteers and uses all it’s profit to “build hope and a future in individual lives through offering skills courses and a mentoring programme” in turn “providing opportunities to build self confidence and employability skills”. Helping your community has never tasted so good.

The Cookie

If you love comedy, music, and drama on the side of your iced latte then this is the place for you. The Cookie is a cute coffee shop by day, gig venue by night. Don’t forget to sample their milkshakes at lunch and their cocktails in the evening.

Noel Gallagher says this place is "The best club in the UK to see future rock stars"! Or somethin' like dat.

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St. Martins

It’s tucked away down Leicester’s Lanes. If you fancy an alternative to your Friday morning Union Starbucks fix, pop in here and treat yourself to their lovely coffee and food. Bonus: you can see their beans being roasted upstairs which means you are guaranteed a fresh A* cup of coffee.

Saturday morning's ?

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Salvador Deli

Think farmers market deli meets café heaven. This is the place to go for that much needed lunch out when pesto pasta every day has lost its appeal. After picking bits from their salad bar or munching a customised toastie, you won’t be able to resist a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

when your high street is this cute?

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Ordered our milkshakes, but still no sign of the boys in the yard #gutted

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Turns out a big part of Leicester life is livin’ la vida mocha (you will forgive the awful pun after you’ve sampled all this badass coffee).