Netflix inspired fancy dress costumes to wear for your Halloween night out

Netflix and VK anyone?

Netflix and Chill might have died in 2015, but that doesn’t mean you can’t flirt your way through the O2 with a cheeky combo of Netflix and VK.

Ditch the usual masks, cat ears and witches hats of Halloween past. It’s time to embrace your favourite TV show as inspiration for your outfit.


Thick moustaches, aviators and 90s clothes will allow you to create your best Pablo Escobar impersonation. Maybe even go the extra mile and buy a bottle of tequila and some coke, that way you can truly refine your image as a drug kingpin.

Aquí con Pablo Emilio Escobar y su primo Gustavo. #NARCOS

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Game of Thrones

If you’re a sports (read rugby) lad, then now is your best chance to show off those pecs you’ve been working so hard on by going as Khal Drogo and strutting half naked through the smoking area. In reality though, your beer belly will be out and the lines completely smudged.

#Halloweekend Part 1 ? ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Khall Hejnas and Khaleesi ?

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Orange is the New Black

The prison boiler suit: a classic which never goes out of fashion. Get the whole squad together and roll through the O2 full of sass and parring off every fuckboy who tries to open his mouth. Maybe even go all out and smuggle contraband through just please don’t shank anyone.


American Horror Story

Where do you even begin with AHS? A TV show which literally revolves around Halloween. Perhaps go as Twisty the clown, that way you can be dancing in Shabang at one but by five you can be scaring the living shit out of drunks in Victoria Park.


Breaking Bad

A hazmat suit, rubber gloves and some stolen chemistry safety glasses will allow you and your chums looking like Walt & Jesse in a flash. Declare to the bouncer that you are the one who knocks. You could even go out and get some Meth. Actually wait, don’t do that.

Un planned themed #halloweencostume for #cmgtampa with @woronovan #breakingbad

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The Walking Dead

Rip the sleeves off a top, strap a bandana on and let your hair down. You are now ready to slay amidst the masses of drunk zombies in the O2. Perhaps be basic and turn this into a couple’s outfit with one of you as Daryl and the other as Michonne.

Don't mess with our group, and we won't kill you… #walkingdead #halloween #walkingdeadcostume #ricktatorship

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Sons of Anarchy

Leather, denim and boots…. Sounds a lot like a wannabe hipster’s wardrobe but these items can also double up as rugged biker outfit. Get the squad together and paint some crude tattoos on each other in an attempt to emphasise your non-existent masculinity.