Leicester in the top 10 of UK universities to produce the most CEOs

You won’t find Oxford on this list

Leicester is one of nine universities which produce the most CEOs, with 2.6% of students going on to be the CEO of a company. The bigger and older universities don’t produce as many CEOs as places like Leicester, Leeds Beckett and Strathclyde university.

The study found that graduates from Leicester University, “are less likely to be wooed by big banks or consultancies than their Oxbridge counterparts. And therefore more eager launch their own business or joining budding start-ups, thereby climbing through the ranks more quickly and reaching leadership positions in smaller, more nimble structures,” Emolument said.

  1. London Business School: 5%
  2. Cambridge University: 3.9%
  3. Birmingham University: 3.2%
  4. Strathclyde University: 3.1%
  5. Leeds Beckett University: 3.1%
  6. University of London: 2.9%
  7. Royal Holloway: 2.6%
  8. Leicester University: 2.6%
  9. Sheffield University: 2.3%

It takes more than just an Oxford degree to run a successful business, and although Leicester university is routinely overlooked and forgotten by many, this study shows that us Leicester students have some real perseverance, grit and guts.