Leicester’s BNOC of the year: Round 2

Hollywood or Leicester campus?

The battle of the BNOCs commenced with a bang yesterday with fans fawning over their student idols. Now it’s time for the next round.

Here are the fresh faces of round 2:

Joe Pringle

Year: 2

Studies: History and Politics

Joe’s nominator says: “He’s our social sec for American Football. He once set his face and an entire bathroom on fire on tour whilst attempting to do a flaming absinthe shot. He also had to fend off a violent crack-head outside of his house during a Halloween party.

“His patterned garments have given numerous migraines to the population of Leicester.”

Matthew Hassall

Year: 2

Studies: Maths

Matthew’s nominator says:  “All-round legend”

Steve Ragg

Year: 2

Studies: Economics

Steve’s nominator says: “I saw Steve wearing a white shirt with VK spilled down it, so I bought a white shirt with VK spilled down it.”

Alex Ly

Year: 2

Studies: Economics

Alex’s nominator says: “Baitest guy”