Leicester’s BNOC of the Year: Nominations are now open

Who will be crowned Leicester’s BNOC for 2016?

It could be you.

Last year nominations poured in praising the BNOC-worthy students on campus.

Be they the president of a society, the super eager Rockstar rep or even the barmy bachelor on your course, we want you to nominate them.

Dave Dutton, BNOC of 2015

What makes a BNOC?

1. DISGUSTING LEVELS OF POPULARITY– as the acronym suggests, they needs to be someone everyone knows. Whether they’re in the gym, or by the bar in LetsDisko, everyone around them knows who they are. Or at the very least has Facebook stalked them. Anonymity is not a concept BNOCs are familiar with.

2. THEY’RE THAT GUY or GIRL– you may never have met the person, but their name is constantly associated with a certain function or purpose within the university community. For example “you know the rugby guy? The guy who is always at Shabang with the red chinos! Shabang rugby Guy!”

3.  INEFFABLE UBIQUITY- neither you nor anyone you know has ever actually met this person directly, nor do you know what their purpose or function within the university actually is, but you all know their name anyway.

If someone springs to mind fill in the form below, or – if you’re having trouble viewing it click here.