An ode to Oadby Asda

A place where dreams come true

If you’re a uni of Leicester student you have definitely visited the much adored Oadby Asda at some point in your time living in Leicester. Maybe your first experience was that first day at halls when you realised how much alcohol and plastic shot glasses you really needed to experience freshers properly. Maybe it was a more relaxed visit the next morning to pick up some essential student living food items such as the avocados and quinoa your mum forgot to pack for you. Whatever it was, your first experience of Oadby Asda will not be one you will ever forget.

It is the biggest supermarket around and can cater for all needs from buying a Playstation to picking up some bread and milk. Asda has everything, and it is so cheap, which really is useful when you’ve already spent your whole student loan on nights out and clothes by the end of freshers week and have roughly £4.12 left to last you the rest of the year. Where else can you buy smoked salmon for £2.50? Nowhere, absolutely nowhere.

What’s so special about Oadby Asda in particular, I hear you ask? Well not only is there complete carnage as freshers think its both big and clever, and absolutely hilarious to steal trollies and terrorise Oadby by riding around in them whilst completely gazeboed after a massive LetsDisko night at the O2 – there’s a great sense of camaraderie when walking around Oadby Asda. You can turn up wearing what can only be described as pyjamas, at best, and not be judged by all of the other students there because they’re usually wearing just as ridiculous of an outfit as you (unless of course they’re wearing a sports hoodie but they don’t count).

You can meet up with all your fresher friends in the alcohol aisle whilst you decide whether to opt for Asda’s own vodka or splash out and be a bit fruity by choosing Schnapps or Malibu instead. Oadby Asda clearly knows that most of their clientele are students because they provide a rainbow selection of every alcohol you could possibly imagine, including Oddka and Cactus Jacks, which really, should be avoided at all costs in order to preserve safety and dignity on a night out.

It also provides some exciting opportunities to buy things that you can’t just pick up at your local Morrison’s or Sainsbury’s. You can grab a 36-pack of toilet roll, or the full range of Uncle Ben’s rice including every flavour your heart could ever desire.

In all its glory

Oadby Asda is an adventure. Every time you walk through the shiny sliding doors into the white glare of the classic Asda lights its like entering supermarket heaven. This place is a place that Leicester uni students will always hold close to their hearts with fond memories long after they’ve finished studying here. One should never underestimate the importance of Oadby Asda to the fundamental core of the University of Leicester.

Oadby Asda, we salute you.