Leicester is the 82nd best university in Europe

And we’re proud

Data from Times Higher Education World University Rankings has revealed the best universities in Europe, and the UK dominates the league with 46 institutions ranking a place in the top 200. 

Leicester University sits at a proud 82nd, beating the notable universities of Cardiff, Bath, Plymouth and Loughborough.

Measured on their teaching and research environments, research influence, industry income and international outlook, 800 universities from 70 different countries were ranked in terms of their overall greatness.

Leicester’s teaching, research and citations individually account for 30 per cent of its overall score, leaving industry income to take up 2.5 per cent and international outlook 7.5 per cent.

Seven of the top 10 best universities are institutions in the UK, with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge ranking an unsurprising first and second.

See the full table of rankings here.