Worst walk of shame? Leicester cheerleaders reveal all

Only one of them is dating an American Footballer

Coach Alyssa Severns and Social Sec Megan Rawstron-Rudd lift the lid on the Cheer team.

Alyssa, Cheer coach, and Megan, Social sec

Hi guys. What are your typical socials like? 

M: “If anyone’s misbehaved we ‘court’ them for stuff they’ve done, and write on their foreheads. Alyssa does this thing called drunken donuts where we strap a Jam donut to a hairband and they have to wear the donut on their head all night.

“We go to someone’s house each week, I organise themes and then we go to the Dry Dock 10:30pm and mainly do ‘court’.”

A: “And ‘never have I ever’.”

What are your best social stories?

A: “We were in Dry Dock, my friend had to do a vodka shot and she puked on the floor over everyone’s bags. We had to try and hide it from the Dry Dock – I don’t think they knew.

“Two weeks later, I pretty much did the same thing but puked in a cup and got kicked out.”

M: “We were at a pre-drinks at an American footballer’s house and this guy without teeth turned up, grabbed my shirt and was trying to fight with the boys. I think the police turned up.”

Team drink?

M: “We drink whatever’s cheapest.”

A: “Tequila shots.”

Biggest lightweight?

M: “Dom Grohmann. Last week we were going to Revs, and straight after pre-drinks she had to be carried home.”

A: “We piggy-backed her home. We had to have an American footballer and four other people, and we had to argue with the security guard for her accommodation to let her in. She was too drunk to get into her own house.”

Worst drunk?

A: “Me.”

M: “She [Alyssa] does this thing where she dry-heaves, but she throws her whole body forward and nothing comes out.”

A: “Or Dionne Duerden, she get’s very angry and puts on her proper Essex accent.”

Man eater of the team?

A: “Helena Garnett. Last year she enjoyed the American footballers a lot.”

Least likely to graduate?

A: “Probably me at the moment… or Jessica Cantrell, she’s always at the O2.”

Worst walk of shame?

M: “The one night we were out in our cheer uniform, Claudia Clements did a walk of shame the next morning. And the worst thing was our coach saw her on his way to work, and commented about it on Facebook!”

Best accent?

A: “Rachel Chapman. She gets very Geordie when she’s drunk.”

Who’s the dirtiest?

A: “Christie Goodchild. She was sick on Wednesday and hadn’t showered it out of her hair until Friday.”

Worst injury?

A: “The Thursday before Varsity, our captain ended up on a spinal board on gas and air. She flipped over and pulled every intercostal muscle in her back.”

Most flexible?

A: “Olivia Hill, she can do the box splits.”

M: “Georgia Meakes has cheered for her whole life, she’s crazy flexible.”

Tour stories?

M: “We do feedback forms, so if people get together they have to answer twenty questions about their experience.”

A: “In my first year, someone had a ‘spillage is lickage’ and had to lick drink off the floor, and there was a pube on the floor. So one of the girls licked a pube.”

M: “Our social sec last year was really nice, this year I think I’ll be a bit meaner.”

Sneak peak of tour?

M: “We’ve just done the t-shirts. I’m putting Sangria with everyone’s tour kits.

“I don’t know, I’m going to be a lot meaner. I’m quite excited about it.”