The results are in: O2 nights out are the worst thing about Leicester

It’s a love-hate thing

The people have spoken and the obsession with standard O2 nights out has been voted the worst thing about Leicester.

Over 34 per cent of you voted it the worst thing in our poll, which also revealed people handing out leaflets aren’t really that annoying, with only five per cent saying they found that the most irritating.

In a close second was being reminded of Leicester’s King Richard III association, with 18 per cent voting it as the worst thing.


But what is it about O2? Perhaps it’s the all-too-bright lights in the toilets that remind you what you look like at 2.37am, the slope from RnB to the main room or maybe the £5 max card spend that forces you to buy three sambuca shots instead of the recommended one.

Regardless of what it is that irks the students of Leicester and what drove them to give O2 nights out 34.9 per cent of the vote, those same students still turn up without fail, with passion and slurred words every Wednesday and Friday.

Where else can you go that has the fantastic Food Factory to help you make the five minute journey back to Howard Road?