What’s the worst thing about Leicester uni?

We all have those pet hates

Leicester has a lot going for it. It’s a buzzing city at the heart of the country and one of the best unis in the country. But you’re here you know it’s not all as rosy as it seems. We’ve compiled a definitive list of everything shit about going to uni in our fair city.

Being constantly reminded that Leicester archaeologists found King Richard III’s grave

He died a long time ago, please leave it.

Merchandise in campus shops

People handing out leaflets

We’ll either politely smile and pretend to show interest as those annoying leaflet dispensers make it impossible to avoid contact, whilst pushing a magazine with Justin Bieber’s face on into our hands. Or we’ll feel like we’re going to hell after refusing to take a leaflet about the events at the local parish church. But give us a break, is walking through campus without engaging in any social contact too much to ask?

The levels of heat in the library

Want to take the heat up a level? Can you handle level 3? Those of you who have previously had a ‘library bf/gf’ will grow to learn that it’s more likely the heat of the library caused you to hallucinate them. Freezing your nuts off outside? Don’t worry, once you climb the first set of stairs your moistened, now sweaty-rag of a top will heat you up. Never has packing your bag for the library been similar to packing for a holiday in Florida.

People complaining it’s ‘so cold up north’

The North/South divide is strong in Leicester. But what’s worse is the case for Leicester actually being considered ‘North’. Northerners will listen to those Southerners proudly discussing their settlement into the colder climate, and subsequent debates will pursue… Really, Leicester and the Midlands is no-man’s land. We can only moan about being left out of both the Northern and Southern hypes, of battered mars bars and that myth of the sun. But let’s not pretend we’re Northerners.

Standard O2 nights out

Whenever you suggest going anywhere else you get shut down. And if you actually want to go to the O2 everyone else can never be arsed because “we know loads of people there”. The same sweaty club, where the drinks aren’t even that cheap and the music is exactly the same pop crap that (you secretly love, but) you heard last week at the same level of white girl wasted as you were last week. Perhaps Leicester needs to broaden its horizons a little bit?

The queue for Starbucks at mid-day

People sure do love their coffee. But the queue for Starbucks at lunchtime is a little excessive, it must be a 10-15 minute wait for an overpriced, foamed-up and half filled cup.

The wind

There are those specific spots on campus where the wind just can’t make up its bloody mind on what direction it wants to take. Girls, don’t even bother trying to fix your hair, accept that you’re going to strut around campus looking like Chewbacca.

One of those spots

How confusing the Bennett building is

The signs don’t make sense and the rooms have two doors just to ensure you lose your bearings. There’s also secret underground section that just shouldn’t exist due to the fact the building is confusing enough as it is.