DMU’s Students’ Union president has been suspended

An official reason hasn’t been given

It was announced last Friday that President of De Montfort’s student union, Adil Waraich, had been suspended.

It was allegedly following his remarks regarding the University’s decision to make David Cameron a Companion of the institution.

Adil, SU President (Photo taken from the DMU site)

David Cameron was awarded the University’s highest honour for his support behind the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act on 6th August. However, the decision caused a stir amongst the students of the Uni. Attitudes towards the accolade were expressed in a Youtube video in which the President and other students representing the student voice voiced their disapproval of the decision.

In the video, Adil Waraich says: “This same sex marriage law that has been passed isn’t even all that ‘equal'” adding about David Cameron that “his work on equality is deplorable”

The video touches on dissatisfactions concerning Cameron’s recent, and prospective, amendments towards tuition fees and maintenance grants, outwardly aiming to highlight the “hypocrisy” of said equality in regards to Cameron’s other University-related enforcements.

Robbie Young, NUS LGBT Officer, says: “It oppresses trans people and denies them the right to define themselves autonomously”.

Shelly Asquith, NUS Vice President Welfare, says: “Just weeks after Cameron announced his budget, which cuts the poorest students away from grants, cuts benefits for young people and attacks international students- For De Montfort University to award him a degree for equality is a slap in the face”

In a statement published on Union’s website, they said: “An investigation is currently underway regarding the conduct of De Montfort Students’ Union President, Adil Waraich.

DMU Students’ Union

“To adhere with the Students’ Union’s policies and procedures, Adil has been suspended from his Presidential duties with immediate effect, whilst a full investigation is carried out.

De Montfort University takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and the matter will be investigated thoroughly, to maintain the integrity of the organisation and to uphold the role of Students’ Union President.”

Although the Youtube video seems likely to blame, when the Leicester Mercury asked the university and SU exactly why Adil had been suspended they refused to comment.