Riot vans, kidnappings and crossdressing: We sat down with the American Football social sec

‘I got kidnapped by DMU…they bought me a twenty pack of cigs and just kept buying me beers’

We interviewed one of the social secs of American Football, Joe Pringle, and he gave us some juice on the American Football team, who are apparently “way more interesting than the rugby team.”

Joe Pringle, Social sec for American Football

Worst with the ladies?
That’s a hard one there are so many that are bad… But if I had to say, it would be Bryn Thomas because he’s attractive and women want to hit on him but he’s always too drunk on VKs to notice. He once rejected a girl because he wanted to go and buy more VKs.

Quickest to down a pint?
Prior to the beer olympics, it was Nick Harry. But our very own Matt Daltrey challenged him to downing a pint the quickest so he is now the new king. Although on tour Nick Harry did do an upside down funnel so he’s still pretty good…

Least likely to graduate?
Me, because I like alcohol too much.

Most trouble the club has ever been in?
We had 12 policemen turn up to a social one time because we had an intruder in my house. Someone called the police because they thought they had a knife, there was a riot van and everything. But normally we’re all good.

Funniest story?
I’m always too drunk for the funniest stories, but I have one. On tour I got kidnapped by DMU American football team and instead of it being bad they just wanted me to help out in their initiation, so they bought me a twenty pack of cigs and just kept buying me beers. As it turns out DMU are way nicer than us…

Best at cross dressing?
Our president, Phil Sadgrove, he even has a female name which I think might be Phillipa or something weird, and he cross dresses when we don’t have a cross dressing social… He lives for drag.

Biggest lightweight?
Nate Kerr, because he drank four beers in a good hour and then puked all over Sam Ogundaio’s house.

Most attractive?
Phil Lombardo by a mile, he’s half Italian, I mean, come on…

Best at pulling?
He’s a new addition this year, from Northampton, he’s called Joe Conrad. He’s good at pulling because he is just so persistent, he never gives up #nomeansno.

Biggest melt?
Without a doubt Alex James, because he’s got a new girlfriend and whenever he has sex we lose games, and simply for that he’s just the biggest melt ever, it’s honestly true.