There have been 24 instances of sexual assault in Leicester this year

None of them were men

Leicestershire Police have recorded a staggering 24 cases of sexual assaults so far this year, all the victims were reportedly women aged 18-24. In 2014, the number reached 25.

Still yet to see the end of 2015, we are dangerously close to surpassing such a shocking figure.

All the victims of assault were on women

With headlines circulating around ‘lad culture’ over the past few weeks, a culture characterised by inappropriate behaviour and disrespect towards women, such figures serve to bolster the issue of young women’s safety.

In October, Thames Valley Police raised awareness surrounding understandings of sexual consent with the re-release of the ‘sexual consent and tea’ video, originally created by Blue Seat Studios and blogger rockstardinosaurpirateprincess. The video was reposted to launch their “Consent is everything” campaign.

The video and information about the camp can be accessed here.