We’re all going to take mandatory ‘anti-lad’ classes

Both lads and lasses will be forced to attend workshops

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Bigwigs have introduced compulsory “anti-lad” culture classes in an effort to stamp out inappropriate sexual behaviour on campus.

The seminars aim to tackle the “beliefs, values and behaviours” that ostensibly lead to sexism and harassment.

The controversial classes will be incorporated into timetables next year, and will include lessons on sexual consent, excessive drinking, revenge porn and violence – all of which have been linked to “lad” culture in the past.

We’ll be told taught how to have proper banter

Chris Sharp, Leicester’s equality advisor, told the Daily Mail: “We’ll look at tackling issues such as ‘lad culture’ – that inappropriate behaviour mostly displayed by males, but not exclusively, which we’ll do by training our students with things like workshops on consent.”

A uni spokesperson added: “Our first step will be to begin to examine what behaviours are significant to us. from there we will be identifying ways that will tackle beliefs, values and behaviours that can lead to this type of culture.

“We will be trialling student-led sexual consent workshops for first year students where we will engage students in a more positive discussion of appropriate sexual behaviour which, we hope, will reduce the ‘normalisation’ of this type of behaviour.”

We’ll be seeing more scenes like this

Feminist Society President Maya Hewitt welcomed the uni’s decision: “I am absolutely thrilled to hear about the anti-lad culture courses.

The concept of ‘lad culture’ affects the majority of our students and I think it is definitely an issue to tackle.”

The initiative comes after Business Secretary Sajid Javid’s pledge to “end the evil” of sexual harassment and lad culture on campuses across the country.