We asked these freshers what the best night out in Leicester was

Look at their little faces

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Dear Future Freshers,

You’re gonna learn a lot next year. Venturing beyond the O2 can take time for many of you. For some nothing beats the SU but for others, broadening their horizons can be life changing.


With the end of term and the end of the year fast approaching its time to sit down and look at the important questions. And who better to learn from than these year’s batch of bright, young, enthusiastic things?

Danny, History and English – Republic


“There’s something for everyone at Republic, unless you like a quiet night in. It’s spacious, with cheap drinks, and great company, it all adds up to making a smashing night. And they have plenty of bars to encourage a messy night, where can you go wrong?”

Harry, Engineering – Shabang!


“Over my first year here it’s become obvious that the best hangover is a Shabang-over. It’s got great music, good alcohol, and good friends which make every Friday night extra special, plus who are we to miss the biggest Midlands night out ever?”

Millie, History – Let’s Disko


“It’s the best because in my opinion it’s the worst – I always managed to get drunk enough to enjoy it and it turns around to be the best night out of the week. Just pretend to be part of a sport’s team social and it’s full of shits and giggles.”

Elisha, Law – Republic


“It makes a change from the O2, you don’t have to see the same faces all the time, you don’t have to listen to the same music. You can also get VIP there, really easily too, which makes your night even more special. Shout out to Rockstar reps.”

Joe, Biological Sciences – Let’s Disko


“Definitely Let’s Disko. The sports socials alone always make for entertainment, and who doesn’t love Ke$ha?”

Stephanie, Law – Mosh


“It has the best range of music and it’s the only place which actually does vimto vodkas. There’s also a lot more normal people/boys in there, who aren’t just out for pulling which makes for a more chill night out.”

Stef, Law – Republic


“It’s got a nice diversity of people and music, crunk atmosphere and overall a quality night out.”

Saira, Physics – Mosh


“The drinks are cheap, the music is alternative which makes for a nice change and you don’t just see Leicester University students. Not much else beats it.”