How to take the ultimate dissertation selfie

There is an art to it

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Taking a standard selfie with your dissertation is boring. Your Facebook is undoubtedly inundated with them by now, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get involved if you do it right. You deserve your moment of smug joy. You worked agonising weeks, months, or in some cases, 40 hours for it.

Be dramatic

Dissertation? More like deathertation. Why don’t you represent how it almost killed you through the medium of drama. Pretend you’re dead and strike a pose.

Use a filter to add sepia or black and white tones for even more angst.



Be proud

Channel Rafiki from The Lion King and pretend your dissertation is Simba. Show it off to the world, why don’t you? After all, it’s your pride and joy.

Bonus points if you get a good background and some lovely weather.



Treat it with love and care

You worked on it for ages. IT IS YOUR BABY. Cradle it like you would with any newborn.





Set the scene

Don’t be boring and take your dissertation selfies at home. Depending how badass you feel, you could pretend you’re superman/superwoman, cause you spent so long on it. Get out there and let the general public see your happiness.

Epic much?

Epic much?


Get emotional

Don’t be afraid to show how much this disseration has cost you mentally and emotionally. Maybe do the horrified or scared look. I mean admit it, you just don’t want to look at it anymore.

I dont want you anymore pls.

I don’t want you anymore pls


Learn from the best

You could pose like Will Smith and pretend it’s your lover. You know, give it the attention it deserves. Like this.


My longest essay relationship <3


Be seductive

Don’t want to be too wild? Try a disso-halfie. With half your face. I don’t get it either, but it’s sort of different.


Kylie Jenner may approve of this one

Then again, you could just stick to the classic. But it’s so last year.



We hope you get the likes and comments you deserve.


Photocredit: @missamyadam