How to sneak food into the library

Because having a breakfast bun will help you get a 2.1

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Being hungry while doing revision or assignmenting is like getting a cat to take a bath. Impossible.

Working on an empty stomach is practically setting you up for failure. And many libraries don’t let you eat inside them. I mean, what?

Here are some top tips on how to sneak in food and drink into the library and eat it without getting caught. Hell yeah.


Use scarf (or folder) as a drink shield. Avoid the library staff catching you with that hot drink in your hand by sneakily wrapping it up in your scarf or hiding it next to your folder as you walk in casually and innocently. You need that caffeine to stay awake and work. It’s worth the risk.


If you’re having small items such as chocolates, crisps, muffins or a slice of pepperoni pizza perhaps, make sure they’re well hidden under your notes.


Hide bagel in hat. You know you want one.


You can’t even tell there’s a bagel hiding in that, can you now?

It’s a good thing the weather is getting sunnier hey. Cover hat with notes when a staff member is walking by.


Bagel bliss

You’ve missed brekkie and you really wanna eat an oat bar.

But it’s too crunchy and you fear the quiet patrol staff. Eating things with a serious crunch factor in a silent environment requires a whole lotta skill. Fear not. Make sure you only have a bite at a time and have water at hand.


Bite and sip

So you’ve got to open a packet of crisps or some sort of packet that makes way too much noise. Don’t be that annoying git in the library please. Stationary scissors – problem solved.


Wanna have a sammich, but it’s too big to hide on your desk? Big pockets my friend. They work like a charm.


Perfect sammich holder

While you’re studying it’s essential for you to eat something healthy and filling, like a banana perhaps. And how might you get away with a banana on your table? Well, just pretend it’s a vintage mobile phone.

Yep totally looks like some retro mobile.

Yep totally looks like some retro mobile. The black makes it more authentic

It’s getting hotter in the library and you’re craving an iced latté. Go ahead and get one, girlies, you can hide it under your maxi skirt once you’re in.


Boys, er you may struggle with that one.

Photocredit: @missamyadam