We asked people what they think of the VC’s high earnings

Does ‘Elite without being Elitist’ really stand true when the VC makes £300K?

A recent report shows Leicester’s VC is absolutely ballin.

University and College Union recently released findings on the spendings and earnings of Vice-Chancellors of various universities.

University of Leicester’s VC made it into the list of “Top 50 Highest-Earning Heads of Institutions”, securing the proud position of 32nd.


Professor Paul Boyle has been Leicester’s Vice-Chancellor for a grand total of six months but is already earning 11 times the average national salary.

The total emolument of the Leicester’s Vice Chancellor for 2013/2014 was £303,000 including all benefits and expenses. That’s a combined amount of almost 34 students’ tuition fees, if you were wondering.

We asked Leicester students how they felt about the findings.

Sisi Gu, a 2nd year Media Studies student said she was “confused and shocked”.

“I think it’s about time we know why our tuition fee only seems to be increasing. What on earth would he need so much money for?”

Stephanie a 3rd year American Studies student said: “It’s alright to be earning that amount as a head of an institution but as a new Vice-Chancellor, when you haven’t done much for the university, for the starting salary to be over £300,000 appears to be a huge amount. It’s a waste of our money and resources.”

Amit, a Mathematics postgrad said: “I want to be a Vice-Chancellor if that’s how much he is making for doing nothing.”

Tiffany Huang, second year Law, said: “This encourages students, especially international students, to campaign for the reduction of student tuition fees more. I don’t know why this man is earning such an outrageous amount of money when the academic year barely makes five months of teaching and the rest is history.”