Are you even a Leeds student if you don’t own these things?

They’re basically a rite of passage

Cancel everything, because Love Island’s Marcel is going to be in Leeds TOMORROW

Join his Blazin’ Squad

Literally just a load of pictures of Leeds students looking banging in glitter

Because what is Leeds without glitter

Let’s be honest, Cersei Lannister is the only one who belongs on the Iron Throne

Bow down to the Mother of Lions

Leeds College of Art has just become a university

Because apparently Leeds doesn’t have enough unis

Everything that makes a Leeds student tingle with excitement

Don’t even mention Crispy’s

Were you lumped with an awful flatmate? Send us your horror stories!

This could be your chance to get some anonymous revenge, Tab style

Stop everything, Revs in Leeds are selling an alcoholic unicorn frappe RIGHT NOW

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for

Clearly glitter works, because Leeds is one of the top 20 best looking unis in the UK

We all know it should be first though

We asked students who they think deserves to sit on the Iron Throne

Is it too late to bring back Ned Stark?

Leeds set to be digital hotspot of the future

That IT degree may finally come in handy

Vigil to be held in Leeds to support victims of Charlottesville violence

It will take place at 5pm tomorrow

I told boys on Tinder I won’t have sex before marriage

Some fuck boys have souls

Everything Leeds students do which is actually really, really odd

Gravy is even more treasured than glitter and Red Stripe put together

Leeds University ranked only 21st in latest league table

That’s behind Leeds Trinity

Leeds singletons wanted for new series of Take Me Out

For when your library bae doesn’t deliver