A man was found dead in Hyde Park on Monday night

Thoughts go out to his friends and family

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That explains the hangover

Every single thing you know to be true if you met your significant other on Tinder

It’s only weird if you make it weird

So apparently every Wetherspoons in Leeds has a dress code, because nowhere is safe anymore

It’s 2017, just let us have fun already

Anne Morris may have every right to say ‘the n-word’, but that doesn’t mean she should have

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I tried to pull using Love Island quotes on Tinder to see if it actually works in the real world

On paper they are all my type

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Love, laughter, and probably some second hand embarrassment

Leeds is in the top 40 of best LGBT cities around the world

Leeds Leeds Leeds

Get ready because McDonald’s can finally be delivered to your door in Leeds

Hangovers will never be the same again

Major roads in Headingley have closed after reports of a hand grenade at a police station

There are delays of up to an hour

Don’t Tell the Bride is looking for couples in Leeds, so it might be time to take that Tinder hookup to the next level

For all of the lovebirds out there

A man has been arrested after telling police he was ‘planning a massacre’ at Leeds railway station

He possessed an 8 inch knife when police arrested him

‘Extreme Ninja Warrior’ is coming to Leeds, so you’d better get ready to hit the gym

Embrace your inner Naruto

Famous celebrity restaurant The Ivy is coming to Leeds

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As accurate as a DNA test

It’s okay to dislike Lena Dunham for what she says, but it’s not okay to attack her looks because of it

It’s time to stop reducing women to nothing more than their appearance