A guide to the best bottomless brunches in Leeds

I don’t like bottomless brunch said no one, ever

With spring approaching, I think it’s only right we’re sipping bottomless cocktails, beers, and Prosecco in the radiating heat within the city centre. What food is going alongside those drinks? Is it a Caribbean style curry, steak and eggs, Latin America style nachos and burgers or maybe even an Instagramable green goddess bowl.

What if I told you that you could have free-flowing drinks and one of these tasty plates all for a set price? Welcome to bottomless brunch my friends…

Getting absolutely smashed at 3pm for £30 and a banging meal, what more could you want? I’m here to tell you where the best spots are to come stumbling out of!

Leeds is bursting with bottomless brunch options. Sometimes it is so overwhelming you revert back to the safety of Turtle Bay. While I am definitely not knocking Turtle Bay, their chicken roti wrap hits different, I’m just pointing out that there is more to bottomless brunch than a predictable Shack Stack burger and a Reggae Rum Punch.

So, here are seven of the best bottomless brunches in Leeds: (in no particular order may I add!)

Turtle Bay

First up, we have the infamous Turtle Bay. Now, I may seem hypocritical as I’ve just pointed out it is good to try somewhere new, but for the students that have been living under a rock the past two years, it would be a crime for Turtle Bay not to feature on this list.

Turtle Bay is a Caribbean style restaurant on Merrion Street, right beside The Light Shopping Centre. It offers a range of different foods that you have never even heard of, let alone eaten, from watermelon slices served with vegan chicken to a curry goat hash, it is sure to accommodate everyone’s tastes. Brunch times fall between 10am-3pm (5pm on Sundays) and your unlimited drinks last for 90 minutes, perfect for stumbling out in the broad daylight in front of the whole city centre!

You have the choice of any breakfast, brunch, burger or fresh roti dish alongside bottomless cocktails, prosecco and beer for £29.50, and can upgrade to a main dish for only £4.00 more. What stands out for Turtle Bay is their wide choice of food compared to other places and the fact all their 23 cocktails feature within the brunch. You can try all 23 if you want! Personally, I would not recommend, I got to 21 and have never felt so ill in my life.

Overall, one of the cheapest brunches around but with the most choice of drink and decent sized portions (not that you need them when you’re 10 Zombies deep!)

Lost and Found


Second, we have Lost and Found, a nice authentic cocktail bar on Albion Street and Greek Street. Its beautiful interior of trees and warm lights really make for a sophisticated brunch out.

The food matches this vibe as it varies from Croque madames to cornflake chicken, or if you’re feeling something a bit sweeter then their buttermilk pancakes with crispy bacon and caramel miso sauce might take your fancy. There is something for everyone here all for just £29.95 (5p more than Turtle Bay).

You can continue the mature nature of the place by sipping on bottomless Mimosas, Aperol Spritzes, Prosecco or Bloody Marys accompanying your brunch dish. Just like Turtle Bay, slots are for 2hours and served every Saturday from 11am-3pm.

Overall, there is a more limited drink selection, but if you’re a big fan of prosecco or well-made Bloody Mary and good food then this is right up your street.


Thirdly, we have the Neighbourhood, also located on Greek Street (as well as Queen Park Street), inviting you in through its art-covered walls, vanity lighting and green booths. While it does only offer bottomless brunch Friday-Sunday, it is a more upmarket style of brunch, so we forgive them!

The selection ranges from classic avocado on toast to a double beef patty burger, or if you’re feeling like a health queen then maybe their Caesar salad with sourdough croutons might interest you more? And don’t forget, every meal comes with fries…

Alongside their tasty dishes they offer unlimited gin, vodka, Prosecco, beer and seasonal cocktails. Bottomless spirits with a side of fries, count me in!

All this magic comes to £35 per person between 12pm-4pm on Fridays and 10am-6pm on Saturdays and Sundays. It is a bit more spenny than the average brunch, but its vibrant, quirky cocktail menu and delicious food makes up for this.


Moving onto brunch place number four, we have Gaucho. Its ‘electro brunch feast’ features cool beats and melodic tunes as you drink and eat to your hearts content between 11am-4pm on Saturdays. Compared to the other brunches, Gaucho does come in at the most expensive brunch with a price of £57.50 per person, but unlike the other places it is not just the cocktails that are unlimited…

Yes that’s right, unlimited food too! You can have burrata, chorizopan sandwich, steak and eggs and a maple bacon sandwich. When you’re feeling a bit sick of the savoury you can move onto the banana bread served with passionate fruit and dulce mouse followed by a dulce eton mess before reverting back to the smashed avocado on rye bread. Oh, and don’t forget the drinks, you can wash all this down with a classic Pornstar Martini, Bloody Mary, Elder Spritz and when you’re done you can sip on a refreshing lager and Jack and lemonade.

Ultimately, this Brunch is not for the faint-hearted, but I’m never one to turn down unlimited food and drink, especially when it all sounds too good to be true. See you at Gaucho!



Hard to follow but let’s see what number five has to offer. Scaling the price back a bit we have Manahatta found on Greek Street, Headingley and Merrion Street. 90 minutes of bubbles and fun for only £29.95, on-par with Lost and Found. Here you can dive into Reese’s buttermilk pancake, classic avo on toast, or a chicken and bacon pancake stack. If you’re feeling a bit extra you can upgrade your indulgence for only £5 to choose from a New Yorker double beef cheeseburger with smoked pancetta, a crispy chicken bao bun or a 9-inch American hot dog. I can’t be the only one drooling.

Of course, there is free flowing Prosecco, Aperols, Coors, as well as three different flavours of spritz. It’s almost impossible to choose, shame you don’t have to choose as you can have them all! Timing’s change depending on the branch, but most weekdays it falls between 5pm-11pm, Friday 3pm-2am and Sunday 12pm-11pm.

Clearly, the food is the outstanding winner here with the free-flowing drinks being a plus! Also the option to have this in the evening differs from other brunches if you fancy getting drunk at a more reasonable time than 3pm, but no judgment here! Also, the price of only £29.95 or £34.95 it’s impossible to say no.

Las Iguanas

Following this we have brunch number six, Las Iguanas, a flame-grilled Latin American restaurant located on Cloth Hall Street. Same rules apply, 90 minute slot for £29.95 per person for a starter of nachos, a main and unlimited Prosecco or beer, or £34.95 to upgrade to bottomless cocktails. This upgrade may seem a bit expensive but if you book between Sunday-Wednesday this upgrade is free!

Your afternoon is kicked off with a starter of nachos accompanied by the necessary salsa, sour cream, and guacamole condiments. Moving onto mains, you have one of the largest dish selection from 11 different meals ranging from a full Brazilian, breakfast burrito carnes, enchiladas, chilli to beef burgers. They also give you the option to ‘top’ your breakfast for a few quid extra or make your own burger.

Their cocktails also sound amazing and different from any of the other brunches’ cocktails with Caipirinha, Strawberry Caipirinha, Mango Collins, Passion Sour Bomb and a Cuba Libre. What more could you want to wash your nachos down with?


Finally, we have brunch number seven, Fleur Café, known as the “most Instagram-friendly” café in Leeds. Inside The Light Shopping Centre, you can either go for bottomless brunch between 10am-2:30pm or bottomless evenings between 12pm-8pm, and 12pm-9:30pm on Saturdays. They also offer a bottomless afternoon tea! Prices differ depending on the time you are going and whether you are drinking Prosecco, mocktails or cocktails but they range from £29.95 to £39.95 at the most expensive.

However, we’re here for brunch so let’s get stuck into their options. You have a choice of dishes from either brunch or sandwich and salads (brunch is removed and extends to mains in the evening). The picture-perfect Instagram has to be the smashed avocado toast with a blood orange hollandaise sauce or the classic full English or shakshuka. If you’re feeling a sweeter photo to post to your followers than the French toast or Belgian waffles may take your fancy. You can also indulge in a focaccia sandwich served with chips or promote yourself as the health queen/king you are by diving into the green goddess bowl filled with broccoli, kale, chia seeds, chickpeas and nuts drizzled with an onion and miso balsamic vinaigrette.

To accompany your food, one must have a drink, don’t want your followers getting thirsty. This is where the Pink Gin Fizz, Red Sangria and Mai Tai comes into play. Or if you’re not feeling the alcohol their virgin colada, raspberry elderly flower sour or peach collins may take your quench your thirst instead.

Whatever your craving, Fleur café provides throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening for reasonable prices, especially if it’s going to gain you 100 more Instagram followers…

Overall, these seven different brunch places vary in price, food, drink, time, and atmosphere, but ultimately if you want a good day out of a full stomach of tasty meals and drinks, then bottomless brunch is calling your name. Now you’re left with the biggest choice of your university career yet: which bottomless brunch are you going to book…?

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