A definitive guide to the best walks in Leeds

Lake District who?

Fancy a breath of fresh air but can’t be bothered to make it all the way to the country’s most popular sites? Say no more! We’ve summed up the best walks on and off campus that Leeds has to offer! Get your housemates, put on your walking boots and you’re good to go!

Clearly, us international students weren’t told to bring proper shoes to the North of England

Woodhouse Ridge

An all-time favourite, and a somewhat close to campus option, is Woodhouse Ridge. Located right behind Leeds’ infamous party accommodation, this cosy little park is the perfect place for catching those rays and relaxing in nature. Plus, if you’re tired of walking, there’s probably already a sesh happening at James Baillie.

Straight outta JB residents’ acid trip visions

Springtime in Woodhouse Ridge

Meanwood Valley

If you already made it to Woodhouse Ridge, you might as well cross the street and take a stroll through these beautiful fields. Overlooking Leeds city centre, this is the perfect spot for a cute picnic, or a banging instagram story (cover image serves as proof!).

There’s also Meanwood Valley Farm where you can meet all your fury friends, from lamas to guinea pigs. All in all, it’s a great place for getting away from the buzzing city centre and enjoying some well deserved wellbeing time in the woods.

Catch those rays and crack open a can

St. George’s Fields

For those searching for a quick getaway in between lectures, this is your spot! Took me only three years to find this hidden gem. Located right behind Henry Price also known as the one with a view, the graveyards might put you off at first but otherwise it’s a nice little place that offers some pretty greenery. Besides, no one apart from Henry Price residents probably knows it exists, so it won’t be as crowded as its popular neighbour Hyde Park.

Drop-dead gorgeous

Hyde Park

In all fairness, being spotted walking through Hyde Park in the early morning hours is much more likely a walk of shame than a time deliberately spent in nature. Yet, if you’re already there, you might as well appreciate its unique charm.

If you’ve ever been in Hyde Park during the summer months, you’d probably agree that it carries more resemblance to a festival ground in Spain than to its name twin in London: bless Hyde Park for its edgy skater boy culture, the lingering smell of weed and the well known rite of sipping some tinnies with your mates in the sunshine.

Nothing says Leeds like Hyde Park in summer!

The Docks

Couldn’t make it to the seaside, but still want to be close to the water?  The Docks are your next best option!  Only a few minutes away from the bustling city centre, this area of Leeds certainly has its perks.

Wandering around on these little islands situated by the lovely river Aire, you don’t even have to bring your own speaker, as you can almost always count on someone strumming some guitar classics by the water. There are also some great coffee shops nearby to fuel your energy while taking a walk during golden hour.

Kirkstall Abbey

Somewhat close to Headingley and Burley, Kirkstall Abbey might be a bit out of the way but definitely worth the walk! Surrounded by a beautiful park, you can wander through these magnificent woodlands while also exploring the historic ruins for free. Step back in time and take a break from the pressure of modern life!

Leeds Liverpool Canal

If you’re up for a longer walk a little outside of Leeds, Leeds Liverpool Canal offers a nice change of scenery that goes on FOREVER (all the way to Liverpool actually for the really dedicated ones). Enjoy a picturesque walk along the river on the one side and the countryside on the other.

It’s also perfect for a little bike trip, if you’re mad enough to cycle in Leeds’ traffic. Although, I wouldn’t recommend taking a dip in these greenish depths; they might be even grimmer than the Roger Stevens pond.

Forget Van Life when you can life on an actual boat!

Okay but how sick is that backpack

Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park presents another option which is a bit outside of Leeds, but can be easily reached by bus or again, for the brave ones, by bike. Be it a picnic in the park or a leisurely stroll along the ocean blue water with an ice cream cone in your hand, it’s safe to say that this is a great spot to have a calm Saturday out in nature with your mates. Plus, it’s still close enough to Leeds to make it to Project in the evening.

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