A round-up of all the best drinking games

If you’re still playing beer pong at pres, you’re in desperate need of this guide!

It’s your average Saturday night and you’re preing with your mates so you won’t have to waste tonnes of money in some average bar. No one can come up with a good drinking game, so you just resort to the classics: Beer Pong and Ring of Fire. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered with some amazing drinking games to play at your next pres:


You’ll need: Deck of Cards

This one’s for a short and sweet pres before heading to the club. If you’re aiming to get absolutely SMASHED in a short amount of time, this is the game for you!

Everyone gets dealt the same number of cards, then someone starts the game by playing a card of their choice face up and saying a name, assigning this person the amount of sips shown on the card.

Someone else in the round can now either save or betray this person by playing a card with the same number. If they want to save the person, they’ll say another name, transferring the (now doubled) sips to someone else in the round. If they don’t say another name, the person from the first round has to drink the total number of sips shown on all cards played (Jack, Queen and King are 10 sips and can’t be stacked, we still actually wanna make it to the club).

Pizza Box Game 

You’ll need: Empty pizza box (or some cardboard) and a bottle-cap

This is a good one for breaking the ice with your housemates and getting to know them. Everyone starts by drawing a circle on the cardboard and writing their name in that circle. Each turn, someone throws a bottlecap onto the cardboard.

If it lands on a circle with somebody’s name in it, that person takes a sip. If it lands on a blank space, the player draws a new circle and writes a rule in the circle which is applied whenever the bottlecap lands on this circle.

Pizza Box Game

Major first year throwback that


You’ll need: Plastic bottle, something to throw, and the ability to chug alcohol FAST

If you’re feeling particularly sporty and outdoorsy and are still able to stand without any support from your mates, here’s a personal fave: Flunkyball. It’s usually played at German festivals. Not only does it get you drunk very quickly, but it also helps burning off those Boozy Brunch calories, so it’s a win- win.

This might also be the only drinking game on the list involving some sort of skill; you’ll need two groups of players, who stand opposite to each other (with a distance of about 10 metres) and each needs a can of beer (Germany, duh) in front of them.

Then, place an empty bottle in the middle between the two teams. One team begins by throwing something (ideally a ball, but get creative!), trying to knock the bottle over.

If they do, their team is chugging their beers as quick as they can. Once the other team has placed the bottle back in its original place and got the ball, they shout stop and the other teams stops drinking. Now the other team gets a go. The team who finishes all their beer cans first wins.

Get those cans out!

Spiral Game 

You’ll need: Deck of cards

A recently emerging drinking game (credits to my flatmate) that shouldn’t be kept from Leeds’ students. Cards are dealt face down in sets of four in the form of a spiral. Every set of cards should be followed by a little space before the next set so that you’ll end up with 12 gaps in the spiral.

The first person starts by guessing the suit of the first card at the beginning of the spiral, for example “Spades”. The cards get turned over and if the person was wrong, they’ll continue until they get it right. They’ll drink as many sips as gaps they’ve passed and then the next person will take over. The lucky last lad getting it wrong at the end of the spiral will have to take 13 sips.

Grab your fave bevy and spiral out of control


You’ll need: To be prepared for some surprising revelations

Often found at freshers’ pres, Paranoia might make you slightly uncomfortable, but it can also be a good laugh. Someone will start by whispering a question to the person next to them, the answer of which has to be somebody playing the game. For example, “Who’ll most likely not end up in their own bed tonight?”.

The recipient points at the person who they reckon is the answer to the question. The person pointed at can then decide if they want to have the question revealed in exchange for having a drink. It’s essentially a cheeky way to find out all those juicy facts about your housemates.

Fuck the Dealer 

You’ll need: Deck of Cards 

Best way to drink your bodyweight in pints of Budweiser on a Saturday night with your pals before heading to Beaverworks. It gets bonus points for its effectiveness and simplicity.

Someone starts off as the dealer and looks at the top card on the deck. Then someone starts by guessing the value of that card. After the first guess, the dealer tells them if the card is higher or lower than their guess. If the player guesses correctly on the first go the dealer takes four sips. If guessed right on the second guess the dealer takes two drinks.

Cards are then laid out on the table for people to see what’s left in the deck. If the player is still wrong on their second guess, the player has to drink the difference between their second guess and the value of the card. For example, if the player guessed nine and the card was a seven, they would take two sips. Once the dealer has beaten three people in a row, the deck moves on to the next person.

Alternative Ring of Fire 

You’ll need: Deck of cards

We’ve promised you some new drinking game inspirations, but still felt like this popular classic just can’t be left out completely. So here we go, King of Fire but make it spicy. Here’s what happens if you draw a… two: Never have I ever; three: Me; four: “Whores”; five: Mr and Mrs; six: “Dicks”; seven: Paranoia; eight: Mate; nine: Rock Paper Scissors Shot; 10: Categories (don’t take the piss here, no one wants to go with categories like primes); J: Rules; Q: Question Master; K: King of Fire, A: Waterfall. And if you’re asking yourself now how Ring of Fire is set up, are you even really a Leeds student?

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