Leeds students ‘outraged’ as Co-op meal deal increases to £3.75


The rumours are true… Co-op meal deals are increasing from £3.50 to £3.75, and Leeds students are NOT happy.

Leeds University Union announced the news on Twitter and Facebook (February 16th), acknowledging that it might be disappointing for many students, but that you can still save “up to £3.55” by buying a meal deal.

This angered some students, with many joking they are never able to purchase a Co-op meal deal as there is rarely enough stock. So, we collected your thoughts via our Instagram on the 25p price increase.

We asked students what their favourite meal deal is: Co-op received 83 votes (7.96 per cent of the total).

The winner was Tesco, with an astounding 863 votes (82.8 per cent). Morrisons took third place with 54 votes, followed by Sainsburys in last place with 42 votes.

Here are Leeds students’ thoughts on the price increase of the LUU Co-op meal deal:

‘Cheers crying now x’

Pretty much how all students are feeling, considering we can buy a gourmet sandwich from Bakery 164 for the same price as a Co-op meal deal now.

‘Unnecessary price increase when often they don’t have any selection’

Many students seem to have noticed that Co-op meal deals are harder to acquire than a first in your critical review, with one even telling us she can’t get a Co-op meal deal because “the gluten free items aren’t included in the meal deal”.

‘Tesco meal deal has always been superior’

I think it’s fair to say Tesco meal deal is the best meal deal, especially if you get a £2.50 Innocent Smoothie!

‘£3.50 was criminal as it was’

No need for an explanation here, this is simply just a fact.

‘Far pricier than a standard meal deal, which given it’s a student union is ridiculous’

Considering Tesco meal deals are £3, it seems many students are now willing to make the journey to the wonderful establishment off campus, instead of spending the last remains of their student loan in LUU.

‘Cityside Tesco’s is my baby now’

Can’t relate, the one opposite Laidlaw is my personal favourite. Nothing beats being able to run across the road during your study session for a meal deal.

‘Who cares, co-op meal deals are shit’

Quite opinionated, but according to our poll, a large number of Leeds students do actually agree with it.

Leeds University Union has been approached for a comment.

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