The Euphoria cast as Leeds student stereotypes

The stereotypes truly do just write themselves

Prior to or upon arrival at uni, you become very well acquainted with the stereotypes associated with students across the entire country, that are always (mostly) true.

With season two of HBO’s hit series, Euphoria, returning to our screens last month, it’s proven easy to associate the character types on the show with the types of people we meet daily as a uni student in Leeds.

The Rugby Boy

Nate would undoubtably be a rugby boy – the type to drink his own urine and force people to bin dive.

But he is without a doubt the type of boy you just can’t help but stay away from. He’s arrogant and absolutely would get with your best mate without hesitation, (spoiler).

He’s a Mischief regular, somehow knows the entire Leeds student population and overall is just a walking red flag, but that obviously doesn’t stop you drunk texting him every single time you go out.

Nate when he realises Mischief tickets are sold out

The Fiat 500 Girl

Cassie screams basic bitch in every way possible. If you close your eyes, you can imagine her driving badly around Hyde Park in a cream Fiat 500, wearing TALA  leggings and a Zara ribbed crop top, (she owns every colour).

She loves bottomless brunch at Turtle Bay, probably plays netball or hockey, and lives in an all girls 8 bedroom house that she definitely pays way too much for.

Most of said housemates end up hating her three months in for being a home wrecker, and we can’t say we would blame them.

Cassie making sure her Fiat 500 isn’t three metres from the curb

The Edgy Girl

Jules would be a fine art or fashion design student and would spend her free time browsing the rails at Blue Rinse, drinking pints at Brudenell and off her face in Old Red, with her group of friends who are equally as cool and angsty as her.

She would have an Instagram account dedicated to posting disposables of said friends, alongside her art work and poetry, and would always be seen wearing questionable clothing that does not match but somehow really works for her.

The *Private School* Edgy Girl

Maddy may not come from money in the show, but her entire vibe is expensive. She would definitely be that girl you see in the line for Sainsbury’s and think about for the rest of the day.

She would be dressed head to toe in Urban Outfitters, like most of the Leeds population, but she just seemed to look better than everybody else.

How does she do her hair like that? Where did she get those hoops from? Where did she buy that top?

Her evident costly education prior to uni means she possesses an air of confidence most girls can only dream of, but now Daddy’s money can go towards better things, like Jaded London co-ords, or overpriced tickets to Beaver Works.

Maddy when she realises UNIDAYS works at UO

The Sad Girl

Rue is lowkey the epitome of the Leeds student population in some terms. Drug user? Yes. Baggy clothes? Also check.

Partial to wearing glitter on the face for a motive? Absolutely. Severe mental health problems? Check. She’s more like us than you think.

The One Who Reinvents Herself

We all know at least one person that was so different prior to uni, then moves away and completely rebrands them self. Suddenly they are unrecognisable, both personality wise and looks wise.

In season one, Kat went through a major change and became so much more confident in herself, and honestly, good for her. Kat would study English Lit and Film Studies and would be that girl who everybody knows for (mostly) good reasons.

Her Instagram is always aesthetically pleasing and she has great fashion taste. She would undoubtably write for Lippy mag and volunteer for Leeds RAG Fashion Show each year, whilst also somehow sustaining a high first.

The Drug Dealer

Fez already embodies a Leeds boy stereotype – baggy clothes, buzzcut and an endless supply of drugs. He’d be loved by everybody that knew him because he’s sweet and has time for everyone.

Studying business, Fez would scrape through uni with a 2:1, but decide to pursue his passion for DJing instead of a traditional job. We all know he came to uni for the vibes, not the degree.

The Uni Mum

Lexi would be a total sweetheart friend – she would drive you to Aldi or pick you up from Eddy B when it’s dark. She’d proof read your essays and lend you clothes, and would always give the best boy advice.

She’d live for 2 for 1 cocktails and a night out at Viaduct with the girls every now and again, where she’d spend way out of her carefully planned weekly budget and then live with regret for days on end.

She’d always undoubtably be the best dressed at the Otley run, and would enjoy the dressing up more than the actual pub crawl itself.

Lexi is clearly dressed ready for the Otley Run

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