The results are in: These are the grimmest student houses in Leeds

Who needs a fluffy teddy, when you can sleep on a mattress of furry mould?

We’ve shown you the best student houses in Leeds, so it’s only fair we now show you the worst. If a slightly blocked shower drain is your greatest housing issue, we’re about to make you feel extremely grateful.

Prepare for the worst, and keep a paper bag handy, as we show you the epitome of grim. From myriads of mould to leaking lights and swarms of slugs, there are some real health hazards in these properties. If you’ve signed up to rent any of these grim student houses next year, we offer our condolences in advance. Here’s our shortlist:

Harold Walk, Burley – £130 per week, five bed

Mould is a common feature of many student houses, but have you ever seen it this bad? From bedding to clothing to doors, there’s nowhere this mould hasn’t pervaded. While you could argue that basement bedrooms are always a little damp, the infestation in this property is pretty extreme.

The infiltrating mould is so stubborn that even after being bleached and painted over on three separate occasions, it seems to be sticking around.

The ever growing colony

Looks like a hygienic place to sleep

Looks like you won’t be wearing that to the pub

Manor Drive, Headingley – £110 per week, six bed

If you were concerned about your leaky kitchen sink, you’ve seen nothing yet. Imagine your entire bedroom flooding every time it rains. On the plus side, if you can’t afford a membership at The Edge, at least you can go swimming at home for free!

Beamsley Grove, Burley – £112 per week, six bed

The students who moved into this property were gifted an indoor water feature in the form of a leak coming through the ceiling. They reported the issue, but unfortunately nothing was done. Five weeks later, their kitchen ceiling collapsed, which took “bringing the outside in” a little too far.

Hessle Mount, Hyde Park – £109 per week, six bed

The endless list of hazards in this property might make it the grimmest of them all. Students aren’t the only species living here as it contains a slug infestation, primarily in the cutlery draw. There’s also a leak in one of the bedrooms, which unfortunately caused the death of a laptop.

However, the bedroom isn’t the only room suffering from a leak as the toilet, washing machine and sinks all leak too. The kitchen ceiling is near collapse and, of course, every room has mould, which has triggered one of the tenant’s asthma. Sounds more like the location for an I’m A Celebrity Trial than a home to me.

I’d keep your shoes on if I were you

Spot the house pet

Looks safe

Highbury Terrace, Meanwood – £112 per week, four bed

It seems ceilings are pretty low down on student landlords’ priority lists as here’s another collapsed kitchen ceiling. This one is dangerously close to the lighting and apparently dripped for months. Nothing like a bit of dust and debris to go with you pesto pasta!

Great excuse not to wash up your pans

Brudenell Mount, Hyde Park – £113 per week, six bed

The advertisement for this property describes how it boasts a sizeable kitchen and rooms spread across four floors, but what it fails to mention is the unusable cooker and boiler with signs attached to them stating: “DANGER. SAFTEY WARNING DO NOT USE.” At least you’ve got an excuse to get Deliveroo every evening! As for the boiler, the North Face puffer will be staying on 24/7.

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