Leeds Uni library to provide a ‘space for online lectures’

Level eight of the Edward Boyle library will become a new online learning space

The University of Leeds has confirmed that due to students telling them “it’s difficult to find a place on campus to participate in online lectures,” level eight of the Edward Boyle library has been converted into a “new online learning space.”

This will allow students to “plug your headphones in and feel free to talk and interact as you learn online.”

They have admitted that it is a “quick response to a growing need,” so isn’t the best long-term solution, but they are investigating ways to create individual spaces that are more sound-proofed.

They have suggested to use headphones, speak but not too loudly, and to try adjusting audio settings to suppress background noise.

They have also provided instructions on how to suppress background noise on a call so you can be heard better.

Microsoft Teams

In the MS Teams app, next to your profile name and icon there is an ellipsis (three dots … ) and this is where you’ll find your settings.

Within settings, go to the devices section and under the doise suppression heading, select “High.”

Read the Microsoft support article on reducing background noise in Teams meetings.


By default, Zoom automatically mutes background noises that are picked up by your microphone; however, the option can be changed to “High” to be more aggressive.

You’ll find Settings under your Zoom profile picture, the option to suppress background noise is under the audio tab.

Read the Zoom support article on background noise suppression.

Provide feedback

The Library have also asked students to provide feedback on how the online learning space works for you, and what space you’d like to be made available to support your learning.

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