The BEST places to order food from in Leeds whilst we’re stuck in Tier 3

An Old Bar potato stack in bed? Yes please.


When Bojo announced that Leeds was being plunged into Tier 3 restrictions, thousands of students and residents alike mourned the loss of eating out and even became nostalgic for the 10pm curfew. Bottomless brunches at Turtle Bay remain nothing but long lost memories. But we’ve compiled a list of the eight most mouthwatering places to order delivery from. So, as long as you have some booze in your house, your overdraft at the ready, and your uni house is within the delivery range of these lovely places, it’s just as good as eating out.

In no particular order, here they are:

Mommy Thai

Don’t let this picture of eating in at the restaurant fool you, delivery is just as good and piping hot when it arrives despite it being from the city centre. They have a variety of meat, seafood and tofu dishes to cater for everyone and it’s around £7-8 for a dish. Banging. Pictured here is the crispy chilli and garlic chicken, solid 10/10. (You can order through Deliveroo)

Image via Instagram: @chahal.consumes


Mythos is a delicious greek take-out that serves everything from gyros to souvlaki boxes. They serve meat-free options such as halloumi and I can vouch that these boxes are just as good as the meat options. One of the only deliveries where the chips arrive crispy too. (You can order via Deliveroo or UberEats)

This is their chicken souvlaki box. Peng.


Yes, I’m aware it’s a chain but Byron burgers are too elite not to mention. Consistency is key from chains and I can confirm that ordering Byron to your uni house does just that. There is the odd occasion where the chips aren’t awfully crispy upon arrival, but just pop them back in the oven and complain to Deliveroo and you’ve got yourself a fiver. Job done. (Order via Deliveroo)

Making love to this Byron chicken burger

Choessi Ajeossi

This place does incredible crispy South Korean style fried chicken (the garlic one is the best) and a range of other SK dishes. Bit more on the pricey side but its worth it AND they deliver to Headingley (Get yours through Deliveroo)

Image via Instagram: @choessiaajoessi

Rola Wala

Rosa Wala is an Indian street food chain with a western twist. Whilst it isn’t authentic, it’s absolutely delicious and specialises in Naan rolls (pictured here) and rice bowls which contain fillings ranging from beef vindaloo to Keralan chickpea and coconut. This is a great delivery option especially if you are vegan or veggie as they have multiple options to suit everyone and it is pretty healthy. Definitely one to try out especially as the dishes range from only £6-8 for good quality food. (Order via Deliveroo)

Image via Instagram: @rolawala

Slap and Pickle @Assembly underground

Okay, I’m sorry for including another burger place but I couldn’t resist. Having eaten Slap and Pickle numerous times I can confirm that these burgers are ELITE. They have the option of beef burgers with different toppings or the veggie ‘beyond meat’ patties – both being just as mouthwatering as each other. Pictured here is a beef burger with two patties, american cheese, bacon and pickles, which is my regular order and is devoured each and every time. Why wait? Oh and my Uber Eats driver was super friendly so that’s a plus. (You can order with Deliveroo and UberEats)

Look how sexy the burgers are – what more could you want?

Old Bar

Yes, the best part of LUU is delivering food on UberEats! If you haven’t had Old Bar curly fries are you even a student in Leeds? Don’t worry, Uber Eats is now delivering Old Bar to your door so you can finally experience some good food. Whether you’re sober, drunk or have the munchies these will satisfy your every craving. They are also delivering pretty much their whole menu including burgers and fish and chips, but we’d recommend the fries especially. (Order with Deliveroo)

So this is what heaven looks like?

Heavenly Desserts

Had to finish off with a dessert place, didn’t I. Whilst it isn’t exclusive to Leeds, Heavenly Desserts is easily one of the best places to get desserts and, to be quite honest, dessert places can be very hit or miss. But Heavenly is always consistent and hasn’t yet let me down. They also have such a vast selection of desserts available; cookie dough, crepes and cheesecake to name a few. It’s slightly on the expensive side at about £7-9 for a dish but you know it’s going to be delicious so it’s worth it. (Order with Deliveroo or UberEats)

Waffle, chocolate, and strawberries. I have no words.

Disclaimer: If you have specific food allergies of any sort, please ring the restaurant in advance to make sure they cater for your dietary requirements.