West Yorkshire Police broke up 18,000 parties in the first two months of term

These included parties, BBQs and raves occurring across the county of West Yorkshire

Over 18,000 parties were broken up by police in West Yorkshire in the first two months of term, The Leeds Tab can reveal.

Figures obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request show that West Yorkshire Police broke up 18,064 incidents marked as party, rave, gathering or barbecue in the months of September and October alone.

While these were not marked as specifically student-related incidents, many students will be familiar with police or uni security breaking up flat parties that aren’t adhering to coronavirus legislation.

One Leeds Uni third year, who requested to remain anonymous, told The Leeds Tab: “We were having a dinner party with another five or six not in our household.

“Later on, when the music got louder and windows were opened, two police suddenly entered the house.

“They asked for details and were understanding but made it clear the next time they came would result in an expulsion.

“As a result a few housemates went home for Christmas the next day and a lot of our plans were cancelled.”

A Leeds first year also recalled how she had a 40-person flat party in her kitchen, which was subsequently broken up by wardens. She said: “They just came into the kitchen and turned on all the lights, asked who lives there, then most people left.”

The first year and her flatmates all ended up with £200 fines.

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