VOTE for the best pet in Leeds: Heat 2

Ding ding! Round Two!

You’ve seen the first round of pets in Leeds,  but just wait for this next lot.

Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of emotion and nerves as you vote for the winner of this heat.

Remember, the top three from each heat will progress until we have crowned someone with the majestic title of the Best Pet in Leeds.

So, have a read through candidates and make your choice in the poll below…

Toffee the Tarantula

• Toffee’s species is the third largest in the world.
• He hates people and grass on his ‘tootsies’.

Ben the Rat

• Ben is seven months old.
• He is described as a 10/10 who loves cuddles.
• He has been trained to stand on your head when he wants treats (fair play).

Cosima the Cat

• Lives in “good ole Burley.”
• Her nickname is compost.
• A quote from a friend: “she’s got white toes, she’s got alopecia and she’s the people’s cat” (you love to see it).

Milo the Hamster

• Resides on Norwood Road.
• She can stuff 150 sunflower seeds in her cheeks (bet that took the piss to count).
• She deserves the best pet in Leeds: “not just because she’s so ridiculously cute but also she has single handedly lifted a man out of a k-hole, doesn’t mind us having gatherings and doesn’t shit on any of us anymore.”
• Lizzy said: “Milo is cute as fuck as well.”

Jabba the Hamster

• Battle of the Hamsters it seems in this round (they were randomly numbered and allocated heats, no favouritism here).
• Jabba lives in his LS2 hut and is “basically a student.”
• He sleeps 24/7 (often in his food bowl).
• Wakes up like he has a hangover (so he’s basically one of us).
• His favourite treats are monkey nuts and mealworms.

Nick the Hamster

• Third in a row. Jesus.
• Nick is a three-footed, overweight hamster who resides in Woodhouse.
• He’s known for not enjoying being woken up, looking surprised, disappointed or “generally done.”
• Sits at his food bowl like it’s a bar when he wants more food.
• He tolerates tummy tickles and will attack anything fluffy.

Riddle the Sausage Dog

• Riddle is 14 months old and lives in Leeds City Centre.
• He loves greeting The Leeds Celtic Cheer Team after their rehearsals.
• Bit of an insta model and enjoys posting funny pics @riddle_theminisausagedog.

Princess the Yorkshire Terrier

Princess came along with a full CV, so I’ll let you have a read of that. Here are my favourite parts:

• She enjoys pissing humans off.
• She’s allergic to wotsits but adds: “Fuck it, you only live once”
• Describes the owner as “a bit of a cunt tbh.”

Onion the Cat

• Onion was rescued off Scott Hall Road.
• Is described as a “true Yorkshire lass.”
• Lives in Woodhouse with Pepper (link updated when Pepper is presented to you lovely lot).
• Always up for the sesh.
• Graces afters with her presence and loud chats.
• Will eat anything out of a can, including MUSHY PEAS.

Dotty the Dog

• Only came with one fact: “enjoys looking you dead in the eyes whilst pissing on the carpet” (gross but funny).

Another solid lineup of pets in Heat 2, but are they better then Heat 1?

I guess you’ll find out soon enough…

Remember, Heat 3 will be released in a couple of days so keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook!


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