Here’s what your Leeds Uni house location says about you

If it’s Burley, you’re boring

You’ve put in the hard work, made some friends and have decided you all want to live together next year. The only problem is finding the perfect location. Regardless of how much effort you’re willing to put into getting to uni everyday or if you’d rather spend your days hanging from the night before, there are plenty of locations to choose from in Leeds, and here’s what the one you pick says about you:

Hyde Park

One of the main student areas in Leeds and, let’s not lie to ourselves, arguably the best place to live. Bustling with students, with multiple pubs and cafes nearby, you are guaranteed to bump into someone you know every time you set foot out of the house. The 24 hour Sainsbury’s is a literal godsend whenever you are in desperate need of snacks at 2am or an escape from the fact that you’re paying £9k to watch your lecturer struggle to work Microsoft Teams. Even more exciting is queuing up outside waiting for security to let you in – almost feels like you’re waiting to get into Mission (RIP) pre-corona.

Also – uni is maximum a 15 minute walk away – what’s not to love? 

There is never a dull moment in Hyde Park – man on a unicycle? “Fireworks” that sound like gunshots late at night? the Red Bull van pulling up at 5pm and doing a 25 minute DJ set? That’s just Hyde Park luv xx

Someone grab some jäger and we’re good to go


One of the nicer areas to live in as a student but also who would CHOOSE to live 30+ minutes away from uni? Do you hate yourself? 

That being said, props to students living in Headingley – the houses are decidedly nicer than the ones in Hyde Park and you clearly respect yourself too much to live in some 10 bedroom rat infested student house. Headingley also has more to offer by way of restaurants, pubs, shops and a literal stadium (RIP Varsity) to enjoy. 

With the campus being so close, most of the students living in Headingley go to Beckett. However, if you are a Uni of student living in Headingley, you’re definitely a Tory (or give off major Tory vibes) 

Anywhere in town

You definitely think you’re better than everyone else because you live in town. You probably aren’t wrong but you also don’t need to rub it in everyone’s face that you have mummy and daddy’s credit card and actually live in a decent place. You’re still a student, it’s a right of passage to risk catching every sort of disease when you go into your kitchen. Grow up.

Definitely only drink good wine and not that crap £4 one from One Stop


Probably the most exciting thing about Woodhouse is you run the risk of being shot every time you pop to the shops. However, aside from being completely dead, it’s also dead cheap so you can afford to spend a couple extra pennies on drinks to help you forget you’re failing your degree or how far away you live from any fun. 

Messy mate. Just messy.


Either you’re addicted to the gym or you just want to flex that you live close to the big Aldi. Either way,  just admit you couldn’t find a house in Hyde Park and move on.

Near uni or on campus

We get it, you’re here to get your degree and you’ve never missed a 9am. Anyone who lives within a two minute walk of campus screams “I’m telling on you” energy, and has probably never been to a house party in Hyde Park. If you do go out, it’s Fruity, and you’re absolutely not staying till the lights come on. Yes, the houses are boujee, you get more for your money than in Hyde Park, and you can walk to Roger Stevens in less than a minute, but the fancy house doesn’t make up for your lack of personality.

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