A sticky situation: All the best sticky notes on Leeds uni halls windows right now

Unsurprisingly, f*ck COVID is a common theme

With thousands of students being crammed into drab box-rooms, and 6-12 students sharing a kitchen, it was inevitable that Coronavirus would spread like wildfire in uni halls.

Pair this with the cancellation of face-to-face learning (thanks rona!), and the majority (if not all) of uni learning being moved online, it’s not surprising that students have become bored pretty fast.

Students in halls have been making best out of a bad situation whilst stuck in self-isolation, where residents are not permitted to leave their flats for the 10 or 14-day period.

Post-it notes in uni windows is not a new phenomenon, but with students confined to their flats, they’ve become a crucial means for communication with the outside world. Countless halls windows are have been littered with colourful, controversial or funny messages, all moving the blame for the situation into other hands.

Here are all the best ones so far:

“Fuck boris” “GET YA TITS OUT”

A photograph with the message: Fuck Boris, GET YA TITS OUT

Photo Credit: Annonymous

Captured anonymously at IQ Leeds, this message shows student’s clear resentment of the Tories, with the delicate message “F*ck boris”; who the majority of students forming a strong dislike towards them, as online learning has been axed, leaving many self-isolating locked in their tiny box rooms. “GET YA TITS OUT”; quite straight forward but not sure if there would be much success

Overall: 8/10


A window showing the message 'CUDDLE?"

Someone at Leodis Residences is clearly lacking human contact, maybe after rona we can all go for a cuddle party? Short and simple but gets the point across.

Overall: 7/10

“Chile anyway” “FUCK RONA” “COVID +” “WAP”

A photo of several windows in Central Village displaying post-it note messages

Photo Credit: Matt Ford

Sadly, as drab as Central Village looks from the outside, they’ve beaten the game at post-it notes, with a large collection on display here;

“Chile anyway”; a legendary reference to one of Nicki Minaj’s live-streams, now often used as student terminology.

“FUCK RONA”; the two different colours adds to the artistic appeal of the message, with 99.9% of students being able to agree.

“COVID +”; another flat trying to flex they’ve got COVID-19 at the minute, so in December when you’re quarantining for 2 weeks before Christmas, they’ll be getting trollied at the union.

“WAP”; the song everyone says they hate but secretly knows all the words to thanks to TikTok, displayed loud and proud here, even adding an heart to their lovely message.

Overall: 9.5/10


Photo Credit: Emma Ocaña

Once again, Central Village is really showing the rest of Leeds up here, with the lovely pink message “BIG BOOBS” proudly displayed on this window. However, they must have the shittiest post it notes, as they’re falling off faster then the £££ in your student bank account.

Overall: 7/10


Keeping it simple at White Rose View. Obviously, as much as we want the answer to be yes, current COVID restrictions are preventing us. A Zoom Bev will have to do.

Overall: 6/10

“Can’t hack it? Go Beckett”

Photo Credit: Bella Sheridan

Papped by Bella Sheridan, this crucial message at Central Village continues to fuel the rivalry between Uni of & Beckett (sorry Trinity!), may have to wait and see if Beckett can produce a response.

Overall: 9/10


Photo Credit: Emily Pritty

Obvs saving the best till last, this masterpiece dedicated to @pandagirl94 on TikTok, the chicken burger and chips Liverpudlian legend, stands out more then any other. The range of colours would get it a A* in GCSE Art, but the message is incredibly effective and I personally believe if BOJO saw it, we’d all be receiving a cheeky refund for the year (and hopefully  Central Village would be demolished).

Overall: 12/10

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