Meet ‘bndl’: The subscription box striving to make your uni house a cleaner place

Say goodbye to wearing flip flops in the kitchen

Let’s face it. We’ve all been in the situation where you wake up after a messy night out to find you have nothing to clean with.

You bought the cleaning stuff last time, so there’s no way you’re dragging yourself out with a raging hangover to grab some more bathroom cleaner. Alas, you’ll have to make do with a sticky table and a chicken-stained floor for the day. If only all the cleaning products you could possibly need were already right there, paid by you and your housemates in a fair and equal way, without any stress surrounding who last bought what, and who owes who.

Meet bndl, the service that makes this happen.

What is bndl?

To put it simply, bndl is a monthly subscription service that supplies all the essential household products for student houses.

From bin bags and kitchen spray to sponges and foil, bndl has everything covered for you, with no stress involved. Simply order your box, split the costs with your housemates through the website, and voila; once a month this gem will arrive at your doorstep, alleviating any need to panic-run to the shops.

How did the idea come about?

Will Shonn and Jack Bergman, fourth-year students at the University of Leeds, were sick of the frustration caused by trying to split costs for communal products.

“At least ten times a week we must’ve heard housemates complaining that they paid for the bin bags, or that it’s not their turn to buy the washing up liquid,” Will told The Tab Leeds.

“Ultimately, there is no convenient solution to split the costs of these products.”

As a response to this, the pair decided that not only would a monthly subscription box filled with household goods be the answer, but it would also help university lifestyle become a safer and cleaner space, especially in light of the pandemic.

“We are dedicated to a cleaner future for students as well as enabling them to split communal essentials fairly and conveniently.”

Just when it seems like it can’t get better, the company has also pledged that 10% of all accommodation profit will be donated to Leeds-led mental health charity Studentminds. Seems like a no-brainer if you ask me.

You can get your bndl box here.