Leeds and Notts unis investigate prospective student pictured in blackface

The image was captioned: ‘Finally decided to black up! If you can’t beat them join them, right?’

Images of a sixth-former speculated to be a prospective student at Nottingham and Leeds Universities have leaked online.

The image, originally posted to Snapchat and now circulating on Twitter, was captioned: “Finally decided to black up! If you can’t beat them join them, right?”

Both Leeds and Nottingham universities are investigating the images, and have made it clear neither tolerate racism.

Videos of the sixth-former loudly singing the n-word at a gathering have also been shared online, with many calling for Nottingham and Leeds to rescind their offers.

A screenshot was also shared of a comment made underneath an Instagram post made by Paul Pogba in which the French footballer poses with a monkey.

The sixth former’s comment reads: “A monkey, and an ape.”

The sixth former has been contacted for comment and this article will be updated as soon as he replies.

Both Leeds Uni and Nottingham Uni have issued responses.

The University of Leeds tweeted: “We have been made aware of complaints about the behaviour of an individual who it is suggested has links to the University.

“We are investigating the matter further. Racism in any form is unacceptable and is not welcomed at our University.”

This is the second instance of online racism involving Leeds Uni this week.

A few days ago a group of “chaos fetishizers” posed as a Leeds applicant, made a racist instagram post and attempted to frame the uni for condoning its content.

Leeds Uni were quick to condemn the actions as “disgraceful” before reaffirming their support for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

A spokesperson for The University of Nottingham said: “We have been made aware of a social media post involving someone who it is claimed is a prospective student and we are investigating this matter.

“The University of Nottingham will not tolerate racism in any form, it has absolutely no place on our campuses or anywhere else in society.”

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons (Mark Stevenson)