A comprehensive list of all the boys in Leeds wearing chains right now

Move over Connell from Normal People

You’ll have seen it by now. Normal People is everywhere. Connell is everywhere. Connell’s lovely neck in his lovely chain is everywhere – it even has it’s own Instagram with almost 45,000 followers. Naturally, this has caused a chain reaction (we couldn’t help it, sorry) and now the all man-fancying folk of Britain have become slightly obsessed with men in necklaces.

So, we’ve got a theory that all guys are fit when they’re wearing a chain. A  psychiatrist confirmed men in chains are, in fact, a blessing from the gods, so we decided to hunt down Leeds’ fittest men in chains and deliver them to you in article form. You’re welcome.

Daniel Furness

@furnessdaniel successfully sporting multiple chains, what a treat

First of all, we have Daniel Furness, “otherwise known as DeeDazzle”. From observing his insta, Daniel is dedicated to the drip, Karen, and it pays off. He’s looking fine in his selection of chains gifted to him by aunts and grandmothers.

“Everyone knows chains look sexy and hot on me so they drape them on me! That’s right, they make you feel sexy and cool – the secret’s out”, says DeeDazzle. We couldn’t agree more, babes.

James Shand

We’re loving James’ chill summer chain look. It’s giving us major holiday blues.

Felix and friends

Here we have four males proving Leeds students are the fittest of the fit, and looking fire in their chains. What a handsome lot.

Gus Malone

@gus.malone using the power of the chain to sexily combat capitalism one day at a time

Next up is Gus Malone, a second year Mechanical Engineer who lives in Hyde Park. Gus is one for all you Marxist ladies out there as he appears to have perfected mixing ‘edgy-Leeds’ with ‘leftist intellectual’. He’s sporting his delicate chain with a plain tee and jazzy trousers whilst wandering campus at night, so he’s clearly an intelligent bad-boy. The chain elevates it from Engels to respectable roadman, and we’re here for it.

Harry Springford

Hello, chain-wearing Channing Tatum. Paired with slicked back hair, some hoops, and another necklace, Harry who lives in Surrey and Leeds knows exactly how to pull off the chains.

Alex Chives


Alex, another student in Leeds who lives in Hyde Park, is no stranger to the chain. This one’s a little different to the delicate ‘Connell’ chain we know and love, but the colourful charms are really fun and edgy. Alex, you look fabulous.

Charra Tea

@charra_tea serving LOOKS

Leeds resident Charra Tea sent us this unique take on the chain. Move over edgy vibes, hello drag queen fabulousness. We love the juxtaposition of pink makeup combined with chunky jewellery. You cannot deny this look is so much more fire with the addition of a chain. Whilst Charra Tea is “fuming’ about only having photos wearing a chain whilst being “half drag queen”, we are eternally grateful. You took chain wearing sexiness to a whole new level, my friend.

Cameron Wakelin

@cameron.wakelin, we think the long hair suits you

This one from University of Leeds student, Cameron Wakelin, proves it’s impossible to be unattractive whilst wearing a chain. He wears a long, subtle chain which distracts from the questionable expression and compliments the luscious long locks he’s rocking. We’re sorry, Cameron. Your attempt to disprove our theory has failed. Look at the way it glistens.

So, there we have it. To all the Leeds’ chain-wearing boys, thank you for all being so beautiful. We’ve established chains are the ultimate accessory on a man, and that the Connell chain hype is REAL.