From Hyde Park Picture House to RPP, you can now buy t-shirts with your fave Leeds places on

The ultimate way to brighten up lockdown

With isolation banning us from visiting our fave spots around Leeds and Hyde Park, ex-student Tom Scrace has come up with the genius idea to print his drawings of our beloved Leeds hangouts onto t-shirts and posters. And they’re pretty cheap too.

With tshirts at just £22 and A2 posters for £7 (plus postage), we don’t mind if we do.

It all started with a post about the idea on Leeds Uni tickets on Friday. Tom told The Tab Leeds that he had no idea how popular his idea would become, saying he was “fully fed up and ready to delete it all about a week ago, I then got a bit pissed and stuck it up on uni tickets and here we are”

Following the amazing response which has been been “wayyyy more popular” than he expected, Tom also made a follow up post with a link to the new website which sells Tom’s gear.

He explains that there’ll be a “10 day turnaround to get stuff posted out” which is totally fine. I mean, with lock-down in full swing we’re not going anywhere.

So, who is the mastermind behind this amazing idea?

Tom Scrace is a laid-back graduated art and design student from the University of Leeds who just LOVES Leeds and is still “clinging on to that student life.” Aren’t we all Tom, aren’t we all?

Tom looking very edgy Leeds

What’s happening behind the scenes?

“Since the first post I’ve got the website up and running and found a supplier and had heaps of orders – hopefully gonna start posting stuff out in the next week or so,” Tom says.

What better way to treat yourself during this stressful time than with some swanky Leeds garms?

How will Tom get the orders out?

With COVID19 slowing delivery companies down, students have raised delivery concerns. Tom is “currently researching delivery options, my original plan of just taking them down the postie has potentially gone out the window due to the high demand. I’m chatting to a couple of other brand owners about how they manage big orders so should be sound”.

Tom’s post on Leeds Uni Tickets was so huge that he’s “had a few pals from back home requesting versions for their towns like bris and manny.” But don’t worry, his Leeds customers will be a priority as he’s “still knocking about in Hyde Park” after graduating last year.

If you like the look of Tom’s work you can visit to his website here