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Behind ‘Elysian’: the Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2020 theme

The best things in life are free, the second-best are very sustainable

In case you hadn’t already heard, LRFS 2020 is going to be the show's most sustainable year yet. With all funds raised going directly to environmental charities Hubub and Plastic Oceans UK, and a sustainability team forming part of the committee, fashion has never looked so good for the planet.

It's only right, then, that the theme of the show, Elysian, reflects the LRFS ethos while prompting students to think about how ethical their fashion choices really are.

“Relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise”, Elysian defines an idyllic setting, whose origins date back to the Elysian Fields of the Ancient Greek gods. Although this sounds a world away from The Refractory, the theme rings closer to home than you might expect.

LRFS are prompting us to change our fashion habits, and a few small changes can make a world of difference:

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Hit up Leeds’ Vintage Stores

Do you want to be the Emma Watson of Eddy B? Of course you do. So it's time to get behind one of Watson’s favourite hacks: vintage shopping.

Leeds is bursting with vintage shops that leave you with a new outfit and even some leftover funds for a few extra tequila shots. Vintage shopping allows you to have a new wardrobe that has had no impact on the environment, as these garments have already stood the test of time.

From Hyde Park Vintage to Pop Boutique and Blue Rinse, there's plenty of unique sweaters and flares that no one else in your class will be wearing – another bonus, to be honest.

Up-cycle your denim

Denim is one of the most durable materials in the industry, so there's no reason why pre-loved denim can't be redesigned and given a new lease of life.

By redesigning the denim pieces that already exist in your wardrobe, you're not buying into new denim, something that is notably harmful to the environment. So get out the patches, paint and scissors, and unleash your inner Donna Karan.

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Use bio-degradable glitter

Okay, we know everybody in Leeds loves their glitter, but before you next bathe yourself in the sparkly stuff, be sure to check it's bio-degradable. That way, the residue of your night at Fruity won’t take hundreds of years to decompose, and you can party away completely guilt-free.

It is the roaring 20s, after all.

Support LRFS

With all funds raised supporting the vital work of two deserving environmental charities, your love for fashion can make waves of change for the environment. You can raise awareness by becoming a rep in your halls , partying with SaNTINO at Belgrave, and buying tickets to one of the two shows.

The standard release goes on sale at 12:30pm on the 30th January 2020, so save the date!

To discover more about living sustainably, stop by at LRFS Sustainability Panel – it's a free event but also a type of essay procrastination that you won't even feel guilty about.