The Leeds RAG fashion Show era has officially begun

It’s promising to be the most stylish and sustainable year yet

What do you get if you cross a freestyle saxophone player with a DJ set, a flower wall, and an excess amount of sustainable glitter? The Leeds RAG Fashion Show launch party – which marked the start of the most fashionable era in Leeds' 2019 calendar.

Tuesday (26th November) saw Belgrave transform itself into a setting which rivalled that of a London Fashion Week after-party, only better, because not only did it serve us some looks, but it gave us pizza slices alongside it.

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The Leeds Tab spoke to Head of Fundraising, Kris Clough, to find out more about the success of the launch, and what really went down on this fashion filled night.

He shared: "Our brief from the LRFS Directors was to create a distinctly memorable start to the 2020 campaign and the overwhelmingly positive reaction we have received certainly points to success.

We managed to raise a staggering total of £1,958 on the night – a just dessert for the immense amount of energy contributed by the fundraising team.

The night was jam-packed both capacity-wise and in terms of the diversity of local talent from the likes of Lunar Underground, Babystep, and MILK Events.

One of our favourite moments of the night was the crowd reaction to Ben Cradock’s saxophone freestyle solo over Lenny and Palmer’s first ever back2back set for Lunar Underground".

You may be thinking that this LRFS era is going to be like every other year, but it's not. We are approaching the roaring 20s, and LRFS are going to turn Leeds into a city which Gatsby would undoubtedly hit up, if Fitzgerald had been around today.

For the first time in Leeds RAG history, it has just been announced that there will be two shows, taking place on the 28th AND 29th February, which means more dancing, more dresses, and a hell of a lot more sustainable glitter.

Sustainability is a word which is on the lips of everybody in the city, and it is something that is incorporated in every element of the show, all of which is raising money that will go directly to HUBBUB and Plastic Oceans UK.

So it's true, a little LRFS party really did never hurt nobody.