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Chinese Leeds student threatens to expose Hong Kong student protestors’ identities

Exposing their identities could result in arrest when they return to Hong Kong


A Chinese Leeds student has been sending intimidating messages to Hong Kong student protestors and threatening to expose their identities, The Leeds Tab can reveal.

Recently, Hong Kong protests calling for democracy have been happening across UK universities as well as in Hong Kong itself.

One group of Hong Kong students protesting in Leeds were targeted by a Chinese student, who began sending them threatening messages and pictures of their faces at protests.

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The messages read: "We are waiting for you. Are you guys scared. Come. Show your face. Show your dog face. So you are coming, cowards? You think you're clever?"

The student then sends pictures of the Hong Kong protestor's faces and says: "Did I guess correctly?"

The group of Hong Kong students told The Leeds Tab: "Our identity is highly sensitive and non of us want to be identified. So sending that to us is a threat. If we went back to HK, we would possibly face arrest."

The Hong Kong students then reported the Chinese student to the university, who said that he was not a student at Leeds.

The Kong Kong students said: "We reported it to the police and the uni, but the uni told the police they didn’t have that student. We have a witness, and his student email address which proves he goes to Leeds uni. Plus, the uni never even replied to our email concerning this, and it’s been a month."

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A University of Leeds spokesperson told The Leeds Tab: "The Hong Kong group informed us that they were referring the matter to the police. It was the police that then asked us to confirm (from limited social media information) whether or not the author was a student at Leeds. A confusion over the presentation of the name led to security replying in the negative.

"This was later clarified and the police were duly informed, though we understand they are not now pursuing a criminal investigation into the matter."

The pro-Hong Kong Leeds students involved still feel let down by the university, saying: "Leeds University's values includes equal opportunity, openness, transparency, honesty and mutual respect but they failed to do so."

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