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Don’t freak out but Blue Rinse is opening a new five storey shop in Leeds

Being edgy has never been so accessible

Prepare yourselves: Blue Rinse has confirmed that it is opening a brand new five storey home in the centre of Leeds. There are probably flocks of students queuing outside of the Crown Fisheries building already; elbows ready to jab anybody that gets in their way of buying that perfect pre-loved denim jacket.

The new shop is expected to be open at the start of December, and it looks like it could be the perfect place to snap up your mate's Secret-Santa gift, or even to splurge your holiday savings early.

Something even more exciting than the sheer amount of shopping trips we'll soon be taking in the not so distant future, is the promise of a large creative space for the city's artists, photographers, videographers and performers to use.

Not only will this be an excellent opportunity for budding creative students, but also for the production of art as a whole throughout the city.

But, what will happen to our old favourite store? We hear you ask. The answer is: don't worry. On their Instagram, Blue Rinse stated that their Call Lane store will be used as "a new venture offering used, good quality clothing at a very cheap price point".

Independent stores are the lifeblood of Leeds city centre, however, visiting here does come with a warning. Keep a tight hold on your student loan; walking into this store will make it disappear almost instantly.

We would know.

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