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Fireworks were launched at riot police in Leeds City Centre last night

A helicopter was circling


At around 8:30 last night riot police had to be called to Harehills to deal with a group 40 people setting off fireworks in the street.

Fireworks were then directed at the riot police, who assembled a line and charged at the people setting them off. Footage of this moment can be seen on The Leeds Tab Instagram story.

Residents say bricks were thrown at property, bins were set alight and fireworks were set off down residential streets.

A huge number of police vans flooded the street and a helicopter was circling overhead of Harehills Road.

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The police dressed in full riot gear to stay protected from the fireworks as the explosives were hurled at them from nearby.

Police moved in slowly on the incident to cheers from those watching.

Eventually the incident calmed down with no reported injuries. One resident told the BBC that bricks were thrown at shop front windows and police cars. Police vehicles were damaged as a result.

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West Yorkshire Police said: "We made it clear from the outset that any instances of disorder or antisocial behaviour would not be tolerated and we were able to quickly respond."

Police state that arrests have been made but no one yet has been identified. We will bring you more on this story as we have it.