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Leeds Best Dressed – Spooky Edition

Scarier than your overdraft

Leeds students are the best at dressing up – the Otley Run gives them weekly practice. Halloween here is like the Final Major Project after all those Otley Run assignments, and Leeds students go BIG.

With like a million universities, Leeds is always big on fear but things get really spooky on October 31st.

We've made a list of the best costumes of Edgy Leeds Halloween 2k19, from totally fetch to Nightmare on Call Lane.

Oh my god that is so FETCH. We will never not stan this flawless homage.

A whole Leeds Mood. It's the over-flowing bins that make it truly Hyde Park. It's the mess, we love to see it.

Are EU afraid of the dark??? Brexit getting a staring role even in Halloween on this Bristol Babe in Leeds.

Bowser use Water Cannon because these two are on fire.

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Harley Quinn has fallen on hard times and is using bingo as her main source of income. Hair models own.

Classic Joker looking like they just wanna be friends. Beware.

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You might have been bevved but have you ever been so bevved you turned into one? 10/10 for on-brand Leeds beer chic.

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'And I would have gotten away with it too – if it weren't for those pesky bouncers'. Scooby was said to have woken up feeling…woof.

Could be your average Hyde Park house party to be fair. It's the cuppa that completes this cursed image.

Build the wall around ma' swamp. A real meeting of minds here.

Honourable mention to Cher who played in Leeds this Halloween in a truly amazing spider-titty costume. Dark Lady indeed.